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This morning I paid the Tuition for the summer courses, Intermediate Algebra and Speech.
Then just for fun, I added on a Community Education class which meets only 3 times on Monday evenings.  Crochet for Christmas in July, working with thread.  The prerequisites are that I know how to do single and double stitch patterns.  I probably don’t need to take a class, but I just want to be around other folks who know how to crochet and don’t ask ME to be giving the lessons. 
Plus we oughta support the Community Ed program, else we might lose it.

This is going to go off in weird directions, and I hope you can follow along.  Believe me, this week, I am tired of writing to prove a point and earn a grade….

When I was 9 years old, I had rheumatic fever.  In the hospital for weeks (not a good summer), then for the first semester of 4th grade I stayed home and had a tutor. For years I took penicillin and was medically excused from gym class (which was a bonus!).  Ten years later, when I got my physical to go to nursing school, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

These days, the dentist is the most concerned.  Something about germs from the mouth migrating to the heart and causing awful diseases in the weakened valves, which can lead to the need for heart transplants.
I have to take Amoxicillin as a prophylaxis before every dental visit.  The other day when the hygienist discovered a small infection of the gums, it was recommended that I take antibiotics a couple extra days, as a preventive measure.

This should be no problem.  But have you heard about how antibiotics mess around with birth control pills?  I now have personal experience that they goof up menopause meds as well.  Not only was I close to a breakdown over Composition Portfolio, but my monthly came 8 days early, I am having hot flashes and faintness to where I had to put my head down below the seat of the chair, and I am crying over a Josh Groban CD I have heard dozens of times before.

Thank goodness my guys are off at work and school.  They don’t need to see me like this.  The look of helplessness on their faces would be more than I can bear.  Mahalia just knows something is wrong because she hasn’t been more than 3 feet away from me for hours.  She’s about all the company I want right now.  We girls of the house know how to stick together.

So I’m coasting a bit.  Put a load of laundry through, cleared a shelf in the fridge, crocheted one cross so far, and have a couple rows done on the next.  Made a list for stuff to do tomorrow, a sort of “free day” because I don’t have a Final on the schedule. 

Well, I’m off to be reading other people’s weblogs.  Probably at least one will be a good way to cheer me up, or otherwise interesting.  Sometimes there is a writing so heartfelt that I feel worse because I have it so good where I am.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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