All energy is gone

Today is the day the Composition Portfolio was due.  I didn’t even have the Revision of Paper 3 back, the Instructor forgot to leave it in her office box. 
I took the 3-hole punch tool with me to class so that I could do the last minute put-it-together.  Out in the hallway, 6 other students borrowed it while we waited for the Instructor.  She had overslept, 20 minutes late, on the last and most important day.

I got a C on the Revision, up from an Incomplete.  I started punching the holes and she said I could have an extra day to do more Revisions.  Nope, I said, a C is passing, I did have a clean copy of that exact paper, the Portfolio is together now.
Then she checked it, page by page, as if I couldn’t read the list of contents.  She said I have to re-do Paper 1, that was not a B paper.  I said, hey, there’s a B written right there at the top, I’m done with it.  The Revision Plan has a checkmark at the top.  There’s no way she can lower something already done, is there?  If she tries to, I’m going over her head.  Then she says there has to be a clean copy of another paper.  I can put it into her box in the morning.

There is a Course Reflection paper to be written and placed within.  For that paper, I wrote that I am quite grateful just to be done with the course.  Yes, I have learned about how to do Research papers, but I found the whole process frustrating.  Someone with less innate talent would have given up long ago, and I worked way too hard just to pass with a C.

It is most regrettable that all my energy is so sapped that I cannot do what I truly like to do, which is to write here on the weblog.
Maybe next week, after Algebra final, and before I go back to the Valley to see my mother.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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