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My kittycats went to the Doctor

The cats are having a birthday this month, so they got to go to the veterinarian to have their annual physical and update shots. Mahalia has her diabetes in check, and there is no longer a need for insulin shots. … Continue reading

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My ‘Learning Curve’ is Immense

in May, I drove to the Ohio River Valley for my nephew’s wedding. Actually, today is their ONE month anniversary already 🙂 and Allison is finally back at her job after getting sick in Mexico on the honeymoon. I told … Continue reading

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Girl Cat doing just fine

I’m talking ‘bout my girl cat Mahalia who had a check-up this morning for doing blood levels lab work it seems her diabetes has slacked off.  I did not even give insulin this morning, as per instructions yet the level … Continue reading

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Not exactly what you want to read

No Wedding Trip Report written yet. Been very busy with Mahalia the diabetic cat. She had a bit of an episode of confusion on Saturday with Geo, then I got her to a regular appt check-up on Tuesday, and the … Continue reading

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Road Trip for a wedding

Time slips by, and I forget to write about happenings. I’m going on a Road Trip for my nephew’s wedding. There will be No Comics or Facebook or silly little messages until after I return to this box, since I … Continue reading

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Natural Balance on the front walk

With sad news today, I must report the demise of a bird with yellow and brown feathers. It was found by me on the front walk at 7:05 this morning, with a broken neck and its abdomen torn open. In … Continue reading

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He writes more often than I do

Husband has been writing at Decrepit Old Fool Fight the Machine! and also Friend, Patches I’m busy crocheting a bookmark to tuck into a card… this is what weekends are for 🙂 ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Happy Birthday, Youngest Son

Today is our youngest son’s birthday. Christopher is a quarter century old. He was born on Palm Sunday. This year, his day is in the middle of Holy Week. I had pictures all found and sorted to be putting on … Continue reading

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Noises are Familiar

the other night as we were getting ready for bed, I let out a little yelp as I took off my shirt. Without turning around, Husband said “You forgot to take out your earrings first” So I asked how did … Continue reading

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An At Home Day with Girl Kitty

There’s nothing on tv this evening, at least what I might want to watch.  And I already used up a few hours beside a sunny window with a crochet hook in my hand.  I might pick up Yarn and tool … Continue reading

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