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Hello for just a minute

Hello, My Dear Ones, We are under a Tornado Watch, well actually, the sirens went off and the lights flickered so Husband and I grabbed Annie the visitor dog, our own cat Oscar, then went down to the basement to … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day and then some

for weeks, I have been coveting a pair of huggie style earrings, where the hinge is at the bottom of the piece, and the clasp almost disappears at the back of the ear. the first time I saw the style … Continue reading

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A quick stopping in, real life is Bizzy

This evening, I parked my butt on the couch to meet the challenge of watching the tv show GLEE! Actually, I should call it self-defense, I will need to know what all the giggling and squeals are about in tomorrow’s … Continue reading

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Latest Few Days

My night was short, with very fitful sleep. Went to bed late while waiting for news about Youngest Son’s girlfriend. She was asked to check on the house and to take care of critters while a friend was out of … Continue reading

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College Student? Not Me, Not Now

Recently, my husband linked this post: Academically Adrift in his Google Shared items. I read it with great recognition, in that it talks about how college is supposed to develop critical thinking skills, to be academically challenging. I went to … Continue reading

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an Ordinary? Thursday… not yet

Today is Thursday, which I call my day off from a job. There was a time when I was doing childcare for a Moms Bible Study group in the mornings, but their younguns got old enough for pre-school classes, and … Continue reading

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Overcoming a Dry Spell

A New Year has begun, and with it some silly resolutions which should be happening right along rather than paying attention to the date of the calendar. At least my refrigerator might appreciate good intentions. I worked as a TA … Continue reading

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We are still missing our girl kitty

One of the saddest sounds I have ever heard was Oscar just outside the bathroom door while I was in the shower calling somebody to come and play He ran his paw along the wood, hollering When I opened the … Continue reading

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Little Bits for my Happyness

In the grocery store parking lot, I was just about done putting the bags in the trunk when a Nissan Altima pulled in to the next space. I’d say it is newer than my 10 year old car. A woman … Continue reading

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A Little Wish for a Happy Birthday!

Today is my kid brother David’s birthday. This picture was taken in Spring 2005, when he was 30 years old. I could barely accept then that he was turnin’ 30, yet today is years beyond that wonderful afternoon. We were … Continue reading

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