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the Lovely month of June

By Popular Request, a new writing for the blog is needed In case you are wondering what I’ve been up to (and it does seem as if concern about non-updates is rampant) then I should show proof that I have … Continue reading

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Hello for just a minute

Hello, My Dear Ones, We are under a Tornado Watch, well actually, the sirens went off and the lights flickered so Husband and I grabbed Annie the visitor dog, our own cat Oscar, then went down to the basement to … Continue reading

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Granny Squares Aphgan

Over Christmas Break, I re-arranged a few boxes and shelves in my hobby room (aka the first bedroom on the left, which was Firstborn Son’s room for a long time). In there, I found a plastic tub with crocheted granny … Continue reading

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It was a Good Week of Spring Break

These were done while I was home during Spring Break. I will be going to my Needlework Group this afternoon. For ‘show n tell’ I have a pair of potholders, a baby hat knitted of sport weight yarn (on the … Continue reading

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Same Duty, Different Subject

Today is supposed to be my “personal day”. The time when I do enrichment activity, such as looking after babies, or sitting with friends in the Needlework Group. I’m yearning for solitude, time to not be glancing at a To … Continue reading

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Another Mill bites the dust

The Peaches-n-Creme website has been having a Clearance sale the last few weeks. I have not been able to afford to buy anything, nor have I really needed to, but I like to look. Ever since Walmart no longer sells … Continue reading

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Out There, then Home Again

During yesterday’s church announcement was an invitation to a baby girl shower on Saturday 12 February. Which leaves me less than 2 weeks to crochet a baby blankie! I had decided to have today off, since the furnace guy was … Continue reading

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Just Me and the Cat and the Music

This Thursday morning has gray clouds outside but inside my time been filled with crochet on a little tote bag, Bette Midler and Trisha Yearwood CDs on Replay, and a somewhat needy old cat wanting me to squirt water into … Continue reading

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This Project was so much Fun to do

this baby blankie is crocheted of Loops-n-Threads sport weight yarn, which is the house brand distributed by MICHAEL’s Craft Stores. It took 3 and a half skeins. I did not measure the inches of the sides, but folks say it … Continue reading

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Half-Granny Squares Baby Blankie

At a church rummage sale, I came across a bag of JAMIE yarn. I remember this style from a dozen years ago, and loved it enough to make several baby aphgans with it back in the day. When LION Brand … Continue reading

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