What I’ve been doing

Crocheted stocking ornaments. So far this Holiday season, I've given away 28 of the cute little things

These stocking ornaments take only about 20 minutes for me to crochet, especially after I changed to an ETIMO crochet hook with a comfortable grip handle. A great way to use bits of 4-ply acrylic yarn. I didn’t like the way the one done in cotton turned out, so pulled it back out.
Most fun I’ve had for giving away was to tuck the Tip into one for the waitress after breakfast. I went over to the cash register to pay, then glanced back just as she picked up the stocking from the table. Look on her face was so joyful.
I printed the pattern from a blog. If you want a link, let me know in Comments, and I’ll hunt it down.

Right now, I gotta scoot to the Mennonite Women’s Holiday party at church. As the Incoming President, I’m on the planning committee. I have to get there early to set up the crockpot of warm spiced cider.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A gal with a kind heart. Married to a nice guy. Empty Nest. Part-time flexible job in the public school system. Loves to work with yarn.
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4 Responses to What I’ve been doing

  1. Judy Fergusen says:

    Diane, would love to have THAT pattern, please. Miss you….judy

  2. momma says:

    Please add me to the pattern request list Diane.

  3. MrsDoF says:

    Learned that it is easier to send e-mail, the pattern, along with the other blog link, should be on the way

  4. MrsDoF says:

    So my interest has waned in crochet of mini stockings. It seems that 52 is enough. A friend gave a request for some for her younguns at her home daycare, so I dropped off 16 of many colors today–enough for the children and their parents.
    Now I’m knitting a drawstring gift bag on the plastic peg loom. Little girl says pinks and reds are her favorite colors. It’s gonna be lovely scrappy stripes. Me likey paid for yarn.
    Also of interest is a relative has volunteered to pay for the Martha Stewart peg loom kit. She says she wants to get me something I will actually enjoy. Sweeter than sweet 🙂
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane