Hello for just a minute

Hello, My Dear Ones,
We are under a Tornado Watch, well actually, the sirens went off and the lights flickered
so Husband and I grabbed Annie the visitor dog, our own cat Oscar, then went down to the basement to finish our supper of Chinese take-out, using tv trays. I brought over a freshly laundered throw rug for Annie to rest on. She does not like lightning, nor being in a basement with semi-strangers, but we do our best.
Chris’s cat Scratchy would not allow himself to be wrapped in a towel for carrying, and he ran off to hide under Chris’s bed, so I told him to stay there!

I mentioned to Husband if it did not clear good enough within 20 minutes, then I was going to play hooky from the meeting at church this evening, but then the phone rang, with our Kind Leader saying the meeting would be Cancelled,
she does not want anyone blowing away tonight, so stay home and dry

Ooie — that lightning was close!! but the wind has eased off still raining, so we are back upstairs at glowing screens

I am still getting ready to be driving tomorrow to the Ohio River Valley for the MFHS Alumni Banquet
the storm system is supposed to pass over by Friday, with the weekend okay sky, even 2 states to the east

My guys will be at home doing housely things, I’m not sure what’s what, but it’s gotta be better than the present

Will be off the computer while I’m gone. the basic emergency cell will make do as always
We are looking into getting me a new mobile device, with text messages
but I figure that’s a Summer Project learning curve.

My take-along crochet project will be starting a cream color bedspread cotton baby blankie, using a big cone of thread found when we moved stuff/ made room for beds.
Who knows when I bought it on Clearance (the sticker said $1.10 for 16 ounces of crochet thread) but it surfaced at a most Blessed time of Financial woes, what with new water heater, property taxes, and new king-size bed this month.
Nothing quite like already paid for supplies to feel like a bargain now.

My To-do List has several items not crossed off, so I should be getting back to it. Usually this screen is procrastination, but tonight is best for a nice chat.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A gal with a kind heart. Married to a nice guy. Empty Nest. Part-time flexible job in the public school system. Loves to work with yarn.
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5 Responses to Hello for just a minute

  1. MrsDoF says:

    Husband shared this on his own blog
    Flash Flood Safety Tips

  2. Check in please when it’s over and let us know you’re safe.

  3. momma says:

    Like Elizabeth I too want to know when all is well with again. Let us know.

  4. dkzody says:

    Sounds pretty scary where you are. Sort of like “Wizard of Oz” land. Hope your roadtrip is safe and uneventful. Terry and I always pray for uneventful travels when we leave our abode.

    As for a new phone-YES. Get an iPhone or something like it. I love mine but rarely use it as a phone, but instead as a traveling computer. Also use the GPS to help get us less lost when we travel. And if you get an iPhone, learning is very easy. There is no manual, and even my two year old granddaughter has figured out to use mine.

  5. MrsDoF says:

    Home on the prairie at 5pm Central Illinois Time on Monday Memorial Day. The drive back was uneventful, with a radio announcer saying the outside temp was 93°F, I turned on the car’s air/con. Being a holiday, there was no construction, and few semi-trailer trucks.
    The MFHS Alumni banquet was a bit of disappointment with socializing, but my brother and I agreed the food was quite tasty. 2 sibs were High Bidders at the Silent Auction, and brought home nice stuff.
    We had a nice several days together. Mom was excited to have 4 of her offspring sitting in the pew with her on Sunday morning in the church building where we grew up.