Monday is moving along too fast

Home awhile ago from having Oscar to the critter doctor. The crazy cat has been begging for food every couple hours, and wanting warm water on it to make a broth. So into the crate he went,  with loud protests from both of us, very much against his will.

Doc got a couple glass tubes of blood to send to an outside lab. He first suspects thyroid, but not too far along yet. the cat’s weight and skin and eyes look good. Maybe later we will think about diabetes, which is what took his sister.

At home in the driveway, I opened the little door of the crate, and the cat jumped out very fast, and it was several minutes in the cold outdoors before he pawed the window wanting to come inside.

I’m sitting here eating apple chunks with my bamboo toast tongs. Helps keep my fingers clean enough to type. I also use the tool while working with yarn, for the same reason.
I’ve been looking for a couple weeks, trying to remember where I bought these, so I can buy some more, and not have to keep washing these = not in the dishwasher.
Amazon and Google adverts are giving me all kinds of suggestions, based on my viewing history, of course.

My viewing history caused me to spend a bit of money last week. I was looking up movies starring Leslie Nielsen, so one came up Men with Brooms which I had never heard of. Of course, it is a top money-making film in Canada.
I ordered the dvd, and watched it the day after I got it. Same plot as others before it, guys bonding over a game (curling for this one) troubles with women, old guy wisdom (where Leslie Nielsen fits in) Love this movie, and will keep it for later views.

Its ordering page led me to read about a Boxed Set of a tv series in Canada starring Paul Gross, Slings and Arrows Great customer reviews, an extreme price discount after the holidays, so now I own some fine entertainment. All those evenings of ball game or reality fake shows can be ignored all over again.

Meanwhile, I am crocheting a lap robe of a gray and white twist yarn, with prolly a gray border. While I was on Break, I organized 3 shelfs of my hobby room. I found a bag with this yarn in it, with receipt dated 2007. The yarn was on sale at the time, and I surely musta had some reason to make the purchase, which did not get hooked back then.

The dryer is buzzing. Son’s perma-press load, so I should go rescue quickly. He says no ironing needed, but I cannot agree with settled in wrinkles.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A gal with a kind heart. Married to a nice guy. Empty Nest. Part-time flexible job in the public school system. Loves to work with yarn.
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3 Responses to Monday is moving along too fast

  1. I meant to leave you a comment yesterday about how glad I was to see/read you again and somehow lost the thread of it so I am moving on to Monday. Slings and Arrows looks great, I may see about getting a set myself.
    Sorry about all of your kitty woes. It’s so sad when they start to decline.

  2. momma says:

    I’ve done the same thing. I bought three different types of yarn for different projects then never made them. Three or four years later I find them and can’t remember why it was so important that I buy them.

    My best thoughts are for a good report from the Vet on Oscar.

    Les and Anne brought us two Blu ray films for Christmas but I haven’t opened them yet because I had the pack away the decorations.

    I’ll pick up the crochet hook today and try to caught up on that.

  3. MrsDoF says:

    Got home from work to a machine message saying it looks like Oscar’s kidneys are on the high end of normal, but could have a bladder infection. I gotta go pick up antibiotic medicine.

    So looking forward to crochet hook, lap robe, and my 3 favorite tv shows having new episodes this evening.
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane