A New Book for Me

I bought a book from a bookstore with its inventory online
and it turned out to be withdrawn from a public library
Why the library itself did not sell it is quite a question, but I got a bargain even with shipping
so who am I to wonder?

Anyway, Husband gives a nice explanation about our time in the breakfast nook Decrepit Old Fool . He loves a good reason to pull out his folding knife.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A gal with a kind heart. Married to a nice guy. Empty Nest. Part-time flexible job in the public school system. Loves to work with yarn.
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5 Responses to A New Book for Me

  1. momma says:

    That is indeed a mystery!

  2. momma says:

    Come Diane and walk with me a while. Life goes on and even loss and sadness must tiptoe behind you now. You are missed and we need to know you are all right.

  3. dkzody says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely card and superb bookmarks. Although you sent one for Jen, I may just keep it as they are both so lovely. No, I already told her that you had sent her something. She will be pleased. It is nice to have friends with talent!

  4. Maria says:

    Wow , I have never heard about the chips in books. Great idea for librarians, but could be embarrassing to those who buy used library books.

  5. momma says:

    Sorry I don’t do Face book so I miss your words of wisdom!