Old Enough to Know Better

This morning I pedaled my bicycle all over, while shopping at Yard Sales.

My girl cat is not eating very well. Especially dislikes the new, doctor recommended, pate. So I chopped up some chicken and put a little warm water on it. She ate about 2 tablespoons.

the combination of bike riding and chicken chopping made my wrists very unhappy

So this evening, I decided to go to Target to buy a small food processor. I’ve been wanting one awhile, this seems like a good time.

While I was standing and reading labels, a family passed by the end of the aisle. Dad pushing a cart with a boy toddler in the seat, Mom holding the hand of a girl about age 3. The girl was whining, the boy was whimpering, the dad trying to ask questions about exact item needed.

I placed a box holding a suitable processor in my cart, then decided to look around a bit.  As I passed the family again, the toddler was in full screeemm mode.

Having recently been in close proximity with my mother, I had to say something.

“My goodness, life cannot be as bad as all that.”
I said as I pushed my cart slowly by.

the mother spoke out, quite strongly
“Oh. Be. Quiett! It’s not your business.”

I stopped and looked directly at her to say
“Well, I can see that being Grouchy is contagious.”

the dad snorted, but hid his lips behind his fingers

the little girl knew something was amiss, staying silent

the mother glared at me. If she’d had a gun, I’d be a goner.

I gave a little half smile and said kindly “I hope your evening gets better” then pushed my cart on toward the checkout.

She will probably tell all her Facebook friends about the old busybody bitch at Target to help herself feel better.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to Old Enough to Know Better

  1. webs05 says:

    I’m assuming your first comment was directed at the child? If so I the mother had a serious misunderstanding. If your comment was directed at the mother I could understand how she might be agitated, not that it gives her the right to let the flood gates open up on people.

  2. MrsDoF says:

    Yes, I was talking to the child. All my years of being a daycare teacher, and kids with special needs, I relate better with youngsters.
    Although the mother is about the age of my sons and their friends. Maybe a bit of attitude has carried over.

  3. momma says:

    Many times we feel the need to speak to a child that is misbehaving to try to calm them. But it is like hitting your horn to urge another driver to pay attention–all you get is the finger. But to let a child go unattended to the point of a screaming fit is not fair to the people around. It is obvious that it is the adults in this family that need an attitude adjustment before the children become bigger problems in society. You tried your best!

  4. dkzody says:

    Too many bad parents like this. When my daughter misbehaved in public (which was rare), she was taken to the car so as not to annoy other shoppers. Somehow, that lesson has not been passed on to this generation. They always have the excuse that they are soooo busy and must shop NOW. NOT.