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Bought a new iron and ironing board

A few years ago when Husband was wearing a different brand of button-down work shirts, I searched all over the place for an iron which had a flat surface aka a DRY iron so that ironing did not leave marks … Continue reading

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the Repeats of the Morning

Husband said that I needed to get out of the house, to not worry so much about our girl kittycat, who is doing much better. I decided to take a job for Friday morning only, at an elementary school.  I … Continue reading

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Links to Good Reading about School Lunch

Well, my goodness 🙂 Husband pointed me to a fine blog about someone who is eating a school lunch every working day this year. Fed Up with School Lunch and then I clicked on someone’s comment there, and found Mr. … Continue reading

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An At Home Day with Girl Kitty

There’s nothing on tv this evening, at least what I might want to watch.  And I already used up a few hours beside a sunny window with a crochet hook in my hand.  I might pick up Yarn and tool … Continue reading

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Getting Creative for a Baby Gift

here is the Gift Bag I sewed on Saturday from fabric I found in a box in my hobby closet, the liner, and a little re-cycled pocket inside, all came from the same box, as if waiting for the best … Continue reading

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Getting the cat into Routine

On Sunday evening, we made a trip to WallyWorld to fetch um, matzos.  Husband likes those crackers with hazelnut spread on ‘em, and that store has the least price on the brand he wants. So while we’re in the middle … Continue reading

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