It’s Here!  the new dryer doing fine

Life tends to just happen with me.  I’m not a real adventurous person, but when something lands in my lap, I deal with it as best I can.  And I am married to a sweet guy who puts up with me and tries to arrange surroundings so that I don’t have deal with too much of the worst of it 🙂

In the last week, we had to call the furnace shop, which ended up with a new thermostat, paying for part and labor.
The pipe valves behind the washer, and the washer’s intake hoses got replaced by resident handyman.
Melting snow caused water seeping into the basement again, which got toweled up by the guy trying to get some work done on his computer.  We have a fleet of 3 mop buckets, all brite yellow, with one going away again when son Christopher’s belongings find a new home.

Saturday evening, our almost 19-year-old dryer died. Also written about at Decrepit Old Fool.  We went shopping Sunday afternoon, blowing the dust off the SEARS charge card to do so. And then, Sunday evening, while I watched a dvd and crocheted potholders, Husband pulled the old dryer away from the wall and cleared the output hose of old lint build-up. He knows alot, and works hard.

This morning, I got ready for delivery, clearing a path from front door to basement spot.  This meant all the stuff from entryway, moving kitchen table and cat’s shelf, all the items on the steps. Then washing down the wall and floor before the new dryer gets moved into its new home.

I don’t want delivery guys tripping or stepping on something.  Nothing should hinder the task at hand.
The guy told me they have 14 appliances to drive to and set up today.  They sure are good at it!  they put straps over their shoulders, balancing the dryer on the loop between them.  No cart nor dolly at all. He asked if I have ever seen a dryer “float” before.  He says they can do that with a dryer cuz it’s fairly light.  A refrigerator is handled differently.

Now I have a new G E dryer. It smells new.
But I hope to have it until it gets old, just like the last one.

From the pile at the bottom of the laundry chute, it looks like 4 loads should be sorted and put through the routine.  Then there’s the ironing left from last week, which I did not do Sunday afternoon because we were at the appliance store.

Keeping busy. Not as busy as my spouse.
Then again, nobody can keep up with him when he sets his mind to it.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to It’s Here!  the new dryer doing fine

  1. MrsDoF says:

    Third load of laundry in the washer. Dryer going nicely on Perma Press.
    One oversight I had is this model does not have a way to turn off the Signal. I thought because no control on the console, there was no noise (my preference).
    It does stop for a few seconds at intervals until the drum stops turning.
    THIS will take some major adjustment.

    I will tell Sears to have a salesman alert the next customer about the problem, cuz I didn’t think to ask about it.
    Who decided to put in a Signal without being able to turn it lower or Off?

  2. momma says:

    Now the laundry train is on the tracks again and all is well in Dof’s land. You should be caught up in no time.

  3. dkzody says:

    I have a wonderful GE Profile dryer, but after our experience with the dishwasher, I would not buy a GE product now. Hope your new dryer keeps going well.

  4. MrsDoF says:

    this dryer was second from the bottom in price

    I wash 4 loads, but only 2 might go into the dryer, since I have a couple clotheslines and folding racks.
    All the fancy features are not needed.

    I do wish I could turn off that Signal, tho