Good Thursday Morning!

When the phone rang, I thought it would be the confirmation for the furnace guy expected this morning.  However, it was the assistant principal for an elementary school wanting me to work a TA Sub job today.

When I explained that I am not available on Thursdays, she said she did not know this, and would make a note.

I told her “it’s nice to be wanted”  🙂

then she said “Oh Yeah, we need six more like you”

Not sure my spouse would agree, tho nice to hear.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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2 Responses to Good Thursday Morning!

  1. momma says:

    It is, indeed, nice to be wanted. Hope the furnace man was there to check and clean –not fix. This is not the time to find trouble. How is the tooth doing? Keep well and warm!

  2. MrsDoF says:

    the furnace was a routine check-up, which we pay for as a type of insurance. He changed out a little part because it was looking worn and said if it should crack, the furnace would not run at all.

    My tooth has a temporary crown for a couple weeks coming. I hope it does not crack nor let loose before my next appt.
    This afternoon, I was able to knit a small adult hat on my peg loom (meaning my face was leaning forward while my hands did the work) without any troubles at all.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts 🙂

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane