Hats and Yard Sales

Having used Christmas gift money to buy a coveted peg loom, I figured I should use it to knit more than the one baby hat donated to the Relief Sale last Spring.

It was purchased from DaLooms.  Since their handmade loom orders are filled as they come in, it took about a month to arrive.
The gauge is called Fine Sett Baby Loom, and the pegs are only ¼” apart, which is ju-ust right for using 3-ply sport weight yarn.
Each hat takes about 6 hours to knit, since the yarn is so fine and the pegs small and close together.

these colors were purchased when the yarn was on sale at Hobby Lobby

the label calls ‘em multi shades, but the effect of knitting on a round loom makes the pattern come out as a spiral

this one was a weird yarn with all the little lumps

it sure gets good compliments from folks who have seen it
and nice and warm for a little head

I went out into the neighborhood on my bicycle to check out some yard sales.  My mental motto is “If I can’t get it back home while riding the bike, then I don’t need it” but I am getting exercise on a nice morning.

Sure enough, good stuff

a winter coat for me $3 (my current one has served 8 winters)
a vhs tape starring Harrison Ford in the movie $1
a serving bowl for the church kitchen $2
two t-shirts to sew into tote bags $1
bake set of 4 small loaf pans $1
little cloth purse for craft use 10¢

see how much fun I have for less than $10?

At two different stops, the hostess was asked the price of the bicycle.  One did not even know what the customer was talking about, but I spoke up to say it was mine and not for sale.
The other place, the girl looked the age to be a college student, was quite persuasive, saying she would buy it, REALLY.

So I asked how would I get home if I sold my bike? and she offered a ride in her dad’s van there!
and what surprised me was that I hesitated a couple seconds before saying NO
knowing full well that I could not come to love any other bicycle as much as I do for this one

Ah, Yes, a good morning, indeed.
the last Friday before school begins

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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6 Responses to Hats and Yard Sales

  1. Darla says:

    They are beautiful but I can’t imagine spending 6 hours making each of them. You definitely have more patience than I do.
    I’m glad you have something you love to do and always for good causes.

    Have fun at school next week.

    Love, Darla

  2. Diane says:

    pictures of me and my bicycle can be seen at my birthday 2007 post

  3. caroline says:

    i do so love looking at your marvelous creations…and knowing that most of them go to charities and things makes it even more spectacular. your a good woman!

    don’t ya just love a good garage sale!! one man’s trash is another man’s treasure i always say.

  4. Pam says:

    Love the self-striping yarns! Also love the ‘nubs’ on the orange hat (but don’t like knitting with yarn/nubs). The new loom is interesting but I’d probably get a bit frustrated if it took me 6 hours to do a hat; glad you have the patience!
    Enjoy your ‘last of the summer before school’ time and stay cool!

  5. Maria says:

    NOT THE BIKE! So glad you came immediately to your senses. When you have the comfortable relationship that you and that bike have, it is not to be broken, no matter what the girl offers.

    Love the hats especially the bumpy orange one.

  6. John says:

    Taking a bike to the sales. This is a great idea! I would probably find something, and ride back to get the van and bring it home anyway.