in the Aisle of the Craft Store

Alright, I will confess.  My little trip to deliver the old newspapers to the recycling bin was actually an excuse to drive onward a few streets to visit H L the craft store.  I had not been there in awhile, and I found a 25% off coupon at their website (although it had not been printed in the paper—marketing alert)

The item I’m looking for is holiday colors in 3-ply sport weight acrylic yarn.  There is a red twist which might work, but I have time to keep looking.

While standing and staring at shelf after shelf full of yarny goodness, I overheard a mother talking to her youngun in the seat of a cart.  The boy was maybe a little over a year old, and he kept slapping his mom’s arm, or tummy, and tugged on her shirt.  I remember that being a signal from my pre-word son that he was umm, thirsty.
This mother told him to “No Hit! Not Nice!” a bit too loudly, considering she was standing close enough for him to smack her arm again.
Then she backed up a little so he could not reach her, and said “If you hit mommy again, I will have to spank you.”

I walked around the end of the lane and almost bumped into a clerk who was busy counting stock.  She turned and looked at me with a wrinkle in her forehead.  “Did I just hear that?” she whispered.  “If you hit again, a spanking?”

I nodded, just as cart with child and young mother came into the aisle.

The clerk winked at me as if we shared a secret.

I’m still not quite accustomed to seeing people the same age as my sons as being parents.  The girl most likely did not realize about her choice of words and actions, and does not have the years of hindsight that I do.  The toddler looked fine enough, tho there did not seem to be any other interaction between mother and son.

Neither the clerk nor I said anything, but I smiled at the child.  I smile at every child I see, but the “stranger! danger!” lessons don’t allow a kid to smile back very often.  This one did not.

I used the coupon on a 4-ply acrylic yarn called Earthy Ombre a bunch of lovely shades of Autumn and it will peg loom knit into a fine hat—maybe nice enough that I’ll keep it for me.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to in the Aisle of the Craft Store

  1. momma says:

    I’m sorry but I see nothing wrong with the spanking word. I honestly feel if there were more spankings (not beatings) there would be less sullen, uncooperative children as they get older. But I guess I’m just old school!

  2. Maria says:

    I know just what you mean about smiling at children and not getting a response. I think this is so sad and yet, it has to be a part of the safety of today.

    Sounds like you had a great time choosing yarns and it is time to be thinking about Fall and Fall colors.

  3. Diane says:

    Well, spanking when a kid is acting along the line of deliberately stubborn or rebellious is one thing, but what was going through my mind, and probably the clerk’s, was the mom saying
    “No Hit! Not Nice!” but a spanking is a type of hitting from the parent….
    How is a child so young going to discern cause and effect? It’s okay when you do it since you are bigger?

    Maybe what is bothering me is that I did not speak what was on my mind, with all my years of experience as a mother, child care provider, teacher.
    But in the aisle of a store, in these times, I’m not sure the response would be taken as I intended.
    I’ve been told to “butt OUT” by friends and neighbors, so with a somewhat acquaintance clerk and an irritated young mother/stranger, I would soon be in way over my head.

    And I wouldn’t want such a small situation to escalate to being a tape on YouTube or having a beer with the President.

  4. momma says:

    I guess I have to agree with you on that point Diane.