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Shopping and Folding have Made My Day

This week brought some birthday bucks which were burning a hole in my pocket. First on the list was slippers. Partly described in my comment at M C, on Saturday, I went to the store which promised the proper brand … Continue reading

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Two Folks Who are Feeling Our Age

Husband got a good check-up at the doctor on Thursday morning.  It was a month since the surgery, and he had been done with antibiotics for only 24 hours, but the doc said all is coming along with good progress. … Continue reading

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A Nice Birthday for Me

Today is my birthday and everybody keeps asking if I am having a happy one. Well, sure I am, doing the things I like to do best: which is hook and yarn, baking, and talking with loved ones. Hook and … Continue reading

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Not Wandering too Far

Gee willikers, it’s been a whole week and then some since I thought about what to write for the blog here.  A few e-mails went out, so most of the folks know what’s been going on during the between time. … Continue reading

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