that Darn Cat

Dear Ones,
Last evening when I went to bed, I thought Oscar was in his safe spot under the basement steps
the place where he goes when there is thunder

at 3:20 when I woke up to use the bathroom,
the sky was quiet so he should have been on the bed in his usual place beside my shins

He Was Not

I went to see if he was on the back porch waiting to get inside

No again

I went back to bed anyway, was not quite alert enough to put on a bra and shoes then go hunting

he was waiting on the front porch when I opened the door to bring in the paper

Good thing the boy kitty is still with us.

When Geo was passing a kidney stone in early Dec 1992, there had to come a transfer from our local hospital to
one in Urbana covered by our then insurance.

I picked Geo up at Brokaw, chart and X-rays in hand, brought him home
we took a very sick Leica cat to the vet for the final trip
came home, he dug a hole in the back yard
saying the moving would help pass the stone

when the boys got home from school we buried our kitty
then I drove Geo to Carle hospital in Urbana

I don’t think my husband could stand another cat dying while he was dealing with physical pain

so Man oh Man, was I glad to see the whiskers,  gray and white head-to-tail fur ball this morning

I alternated between hugging and scolding him for 10 minutes
and then I set a nice spoonful of 9 lives in a dish in front of his koot widdle face

he’s on his shelf by the window now—I made sure of it

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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One Response to that Darn Cat

  1. momma says:

    I can imagine you confusion –waking in the middle of the night and not being able to think what to do next. But finding him on the front porch had to have been a great relief after discovering he was missing earlier. Those furry babies sure do scare us sometimes but everything turned out well.