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that Darn Cat

Dear Ones, Last evening when I went to bed, I thought Oscar was in his safe spot under the basement steps the place where he goes when there is thunder at 3:20 when I woke up to use the bathroom, … Continue reading

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Water, Spouse, Game Show

The deluge of rain today brought some water in the basement. this house is old, without a sump pump this morning, I had put down a couple old towels to catch it, and squeezed them out in the mop bucket. … Continue reading

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When I’m hungry, I eat

Many folks have offered to bring a meal or to do whatever else is needed during a time of crisis. I mention that Geo is on a Nothing diet, but I’ll let ‘em know. Apparently, some of the meal plans … Continue reading

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Procrastinating the whirlwind

Back when Lucas first asked me to crochet an aphgan, queen-size to fit over all 6 feet of him, cotton to please Milly and her quest for natural softness, well, I knew I should be willing to try. I had … Continue reading

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Some Things are Just Fine

Over at Decrepit Old Fool, his birthday post there is a long list of comments about what’s happening with us. When I called my mom to tell her, she said that Mother’s Day should be more happy than what we’re … Continue reading

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Riding might help

This past week was Teacher Appreciation for the district, so each of the schools where I was a TA Sub had lots of freebie goodies in the Break Room.  Although I did buy my favorite school lunch on Friday, I … Continue reading

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They are our future

The other day I had a job in a Pre-K classroom. Most of the students are close to 5 years old, and will be wading in to Kindergarten in the Fall. It being the beginning of a new month, the … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon in Spring

a couple of ‘the kids’ came by this afternoon our son Christopher is showing off our “meadow” flowers in the south yard to his roomie Pat with the curly dark hair is standing Don’t they look like a couple farmers … Continue reading

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