Out of the house for a little over an hour

Husband and I had a little venture outside the house together in the late morning.  He wanted to go visit the folks in the building where he works, and since he is not allowed to drive for awhile, I played chauffeur.
One more reason I want to watch the movie Driving Miss Daisy, which was my gift request for Mother’s Day, but the viewing has been set aside for other situations.

Anyway, the shopping list had a pair of suspenders written, so finding some meant he could be dressed a little nicer than the drawstring sweatpants.  A belt is too confining and irritates the incision area.  He showered and shaved, saying he wants to prove he really is on the mend.

We don’t have a Handicap tag, but I parked as close as we could get to the building, considering all the construction.

He was able to walk in, but headed for the elevator rather than use the stairs.  Only the second time I have been in the elevator there.

All the guys in the Tech room greeted us warmly, then we made our way to different offices.  All said they are glad to see him up and around, sympathy that he cannot ride his bicycle for weeks, grateful for good medical resources.

Then we went to McDs for carryout.  It being a week since he left the hospital, he is getting more comfortable with foods in small amounts.  We shared a southwestern dinner salad at home, and both of us are fine with that.

He changed back into comfy clothes, then went to our bed for a nap because Oscar had claimed the couch while we had lunch.

His latest request is bread pudding, the way I always made it when the boys were toddlers.  I found the recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook (which had been a wedding gift) have the ingredients laid out, the dishes ready, but seem to be very reluctant to have the oven on for the 65 minute baking time.

My schedule book says this was to be the day I would be driving back from Ohio.  Good thing I write in pencil, because I erased the message.
the last 16 days have zipped by with a blur

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to Out of the house for a little over an hour

  1. George says:

    ZOMG folks, that bread pudding is awesome. Really hits the spot. Thanks for making it, dear.

  2. momma says:

    So George got to meet and greet his cohorts and had bread pudding on top of that. That had to have been a good day after all the medical stuff that has been going on. A nice going to the recovery person and another to the driver!!!

  3. dkzody says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place, especially with all you’ve been dealing with these past few days. Whew…seems like you have your hands full.

    Interesting about the printing company subsidizing the yearbook since that’s also the way they make money. The economy around here is so bad that I doubt I could get any subsidies. The alumni association buys a few books to give to poor kids and the administration has bought 4 books this year to give away as prizes for kids who do well. One of the clubs on campus buys 2 books to give as prizes also. Otherwise, the kids have to pay. If I could sell more books, I could lower the price. Right now, it’s $85.

    Hope everything gets back to normal at your house real soon.

  4. Pam says:

    So glad you BOTH got a wee outing and enjoyed it! Your bread pudding idea is making me salivate…hmmmmm, wonder if I could make that same stuff? (I do have the Betty Crocker cookbook!).