the Search was futile

I used up quite a bit of the morning looking for an old VHS tape I wanted to watch.

My schedule book was full this week.  I had pre-arranged TA Sub jobs for M-T-W,F, Thursday Yarn Group, and Lucas was coming home some time on the shuttle bus, would need to be picked up, then chauffeured to Urbana.
So busy that I told child care to not put me on for the 14th.

Then the weather happened.  Schools have been closed for days, my Yarn Group also cancelled, Lucas got in late-late on the bus.  Next morning, Husband did not want to drive him across the prairie with the sun shining in his eyes, so we took him back last evening, stopping at a grocery store so he could stock up.

You can see how his cat Scratchy responded HERE

Anyway, school is off again today.  I play a little game with myself when I’m home alone like this.  I have to do at least two tasks of housework before I sit down for fun with yarn and movie or music.

The movie I want to watch is KOTCH with Walter Matthau.
I got my little chores done, petted Oscar awhile before he found a spot in a sunny window

and walked over to the video cabinet
where KOTCH has rested for years

the shelf now holds DVDs more recently purchased

my hunt began by going over to the other video cabinet
it still has VHS tapes, but KOTCH is not there
downstairs where Husband was clearing out last weekend
I did find the VHS of HOUSEBOAT starring Cary Grant
upstairs to the shelf behind the door of Joe’s old room
many VHS tapes, none with the title I want

I did find CALENDAR GIRLS and decided to settle for it

there’s a hat on the newborn peg loom

the outside temp is 5oF so I’m staying in

No sense bothering Husband at work to ask where the movie might be
when he decides something needs to move, it does
and rarely seen again

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to the Search was futile

  1. momma says:

    Lucas’ cat was sure happy to see him wasn’t he.

    The new hat in working now is going to be beautiful. The color is very pleasing to the eye. Hope your movie shows up for you because otherwise you will spend a lot of time trying to think of where it went!

  2. caroline says:

    On days like we are having, the best thing to do is sit at home and relax!

  3. MrsDoF/ Diane says:

    Husband made a polite request that I clear his name, soooo…..

    Okay, the movies are found.
    They are on a shelf in the first bedroom, behind the door, on a wood unit built especially to fit the space.
    Both Chris and I had already looked there for VHS tapes, but all we saw were the paperbacks at eye level.
    Tuesday, I will be watching the Inauguration, so I’m not sure when I will be able to catch up my other viewing

  4. Diane says:

    The yellow hat seen here was completed, then tossed into the bag to take to the hospital’s Newborn Nursery.
    I had the bag in my car while I was at a job.

    At lunch Break, I learned that the office Assistant has a new grandbaby coming home over the weekend.
    After school, I went out to the car, then brought the bag of hats back inside to the office.

    I dumped all the hats out on a table in front of her and said she should choose a couple for the wee one.

    This yellow, plus a pink-and-green ombre were snapped up.
    I got a big Hugg of Thanks.