More Yarn Items

My sister’s hat is inside a sealed package, waiting for me to shovel out and get going to the post office.  I completely forgot to take a picture, but here is what is left of the skein of yarn.

I also forgot to print off the story about how the kids in the waiting room at the car place gave it their blessings, so now I’ll be sending a separate piece of mail.

Also knitted up a girlie hat in Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn

Husband wants it for a co-worker’s newly adopted daughter.

What’s on the loom now is for me.  The color is called Cranapple Stripe, in Hobby Lobby’s house brand line called

I knitted a blue ombre hat of this type for my sister Darla and it turned out so nice that I want one to keep.

I have a trio of requests for the pattern for crocheted potholders.  There is even hope to have it in time to make a few Christmas gifts? and today is already the first of December.

I’m still thinking how to go about putting it in print.  The lady who showed me how to do it more than 20 years ago says she never wrote it down, she just learned it from her mother.
I work it so fast that I would really have to puzzle out the step-by-step lesson.
My cousin Brenda makes ‘em, too, so she might know clues.

Gonna go now.  A box just got left on the front porch.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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2 Responses to More Yarn Items

  1. Pammie says:

    Love your “on the loom” photo-coffee and a snack to ‘go with work’…hehehe. I like that color range (Cranapple Stripe…cute name!). Should I say: “Better you than me?” for the snow? We have about 1 3/4 inches, and it’s 40 degrees out right now…the stuff’s getting mushy (melt, darn ya!!! Can you tell I don’t like snow?). If your sister can come up with some sort of pattern idea, you could do a search of it on-line, perhaps it’s on there? (I can help with that, if you’d like…managed to find “Momma’s” exclusive crochet pattern from 30+ years ago!).

  2. Diane says:

    The drink in the mug is Red Rose tea.
    If it was coffee, the color would be more of a tan because I like lotsa milk with it.

    The snack looked like a great find when I took it out of the box in the pantry, but having an ow-eee tooth meant the treat was slow-going while I chewed on the other side.

    I’ll do some crochet pattern searches while I’m off this afternoon. That is if the pain reliever doesn’t make me too sleepy.