When I opened the door this morning

this is Mahalia’s view (her whiskers touched my hand while I pressed the shutter)

and here’s mine while I kneeled beside her

we were going out to fetch the paper
saying Barack Obama is now our President Elect
something I already knew from looking at online websites

I’m home today, waiting for the furnace maintenance guy, catching up laundry
and probably knitting a couple hats on the small peg loom

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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2 Responses to When I opened the door this morning

  1. momma says:

    As I said in my E-mail –at least you can’t see if the grass has to be cut! Most of our leaves are down now. Phyllis and Jay have mowed and used the lawn rake so it isn’t quite as deep as yours. Enjoy your day off !

  2. MrsDoF/Diane says:

    Hiya, Mary!
    It doesn’t matter if the grass DOES need mowing, since the resident lawn maintenance guy uses a mulching mower and just walks back and forth like he’s mowing.
    The leaves kinda chop down into bitsy pieces and become part of the ground cover.

    I really wanted to get a picture of Mahalia being askeered to put her paws into the noisy mess, but she was uncooperative for portrait quality.