Dollar$ Many for Maple $yrup

The school job was done a couple hours early today for Homecoming.

I thought I would take advantage of an afternoon free and do grocery shopping before the weekend.  Actually we only needed a couple items I could remember from the list under a magnet on the fridge, and I wasn’t sure if we have enough milk, but I stopped at a store anyway.

One of mine and Husband’s habits to do together is going out for Saturday breakfast.
One of our guilty pleasures is real maple syrup on our pancakes and french toast.
Yes, I do carry a bag with a bottle of maple syrup and one of Cholula sauce to use at our table in the restaurant.
If that is bad manners, I’m gonna shrug and tell you to get over it.
One of the items I remembered from the list was syrup.

At the first store, I misjudged how interesting might be the Clearance aisle, and used up 20 minutes there.  So much for an afternoon stretching out and teasing me with possibilities.
I put a book bag into the cart because I could not miss out on its 90% off = $3.49 price tag.  It looks like it will be good for carrying my large peg loom.

The shelf had a big empty place where Mahalia’s favorite can food flavor should be.  Oh, dear, she won’t eat other brands, or even other flavors by the same brand.  Yeah, I do spoil her.

Into the cart went the 32 ounce jug of maple syrup.  I looked at the tag hanging under it, with the price saying $9.99, and yes, indeedy, that is a good one.

At the checkout, I was just about to swipe my card when I noticed a price of $22.39 on the screen.  The cashier said it was for the maple syrup.  Um, no, I checked the shelf tag said much lower.  So she paged somebody to go verify.

Well, it seems the $9.99 was for just a bottle of syrup, the jugs had been moved too close.

I told her to take it back off, sorry to make her work harder, but that is a whole lot higher than I paid late last summer at SAM’s for the same size jug.

Then I went to a different grocery store which would have the proper flavor cat food.  There were two cans on the shelf, then empty space behind them.  I sure hope the company is just behind in production, not discontinuing it.

I bought those, and some cans of a different flavor that Oscar is willing to eat.  It will be a pain at 6 in the morning, this keeping track of whose is whose bowl of food.

Even though I wasn’t at SAM’s, I still needed maple syrup for tomorrow’s breakfast date, so I went to get some.
The 32 ounce jug had a $21.49 price, which means it is 67c an ounce.  The bottles beside it were 81c an ounce.

I didn’t save much by driving down the street, cat food or no.

Maple syrup is an odd item to judge hard times by.
We earn our money, live frugal with so many other things.

Doggone it, folks can complain about the price of a gallon of fuel for a car, but that ain’t even close to $21.49 for a quart of maple syrup.

Husband says we now have it in hand, it will last through several weekends, so enjoy it.  Our breakfast date is much less expensive than events he’s heard other couples like to do for fun.

Golly, this has been a long day.  I think I’m gonna put on some soft music and crochet a potholder.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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5 Responses to Dollar$ Many for Maple $yrup

  1. caroline says:

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your breakfast.

  2. Sue B says:

    Maple Syrup is also one of my luxuries!!
    I buy mine over in Shipshewana–at an “amish” store. I used to just make my own syrup by boiling brown sugar and water and then adding a tsp. of maple flavoring, but then my son was into “no sugar” other than natural sweeteners like honey & maple syrup, so that is when we almost exclusively started using the “real thing”!!
    Of course that is so much a part of my childhood–we had a “sugar camp” in the woods and made our own!

    What great memories are connected to that process that mostly my older brothers and Dad got into–at least they did the hard work–and hard it was! Collecting the sap, keeping the wood fires going day and night, boiling down the sap until it was this rich brown, thick sweetness!

    AND then my Mom would take a small amount and cook it down even more on the stove in the house until it was a thick “taffy” and pour it out on small plates to cool in the “summer house” which wasn’t heated, so was quite cold, and then eating that rich sweet tasty stuff! Nothing compares to it today!!!

    How blessed we were and didn’t know it–because to us at the time it felt like poverty–living off the land like we did.

    Thanks for jarring my memory bank!

  3. Pammie says:

    I’ve got an idea…put the Maple Syrup in your gas tank! That way, you’ll feel more like you’re getting your money’s worth! (No? Oh well…)So, you like Cholula sauce, too? Me too! Not too hot, but still has a spicy kick (for those of us who don’t like the full-bodied Tabasco kick…love the flavor, just not the ‘hot’). Glad things worked out in the end; sometimes ya just gotta close your eyes and ‘go for it’!

  4. momma says:

    Well Diane I carry a little plastic box with Equal and Chocolate creamers in it when we go out to eat so don’t feel bad.

  5. dkzody says:

    Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and his girlfriend du jour shared a bottle of maple syrup they carried everywhere? Your story reminded me of that.

    My husband makes pancakes every Saturday morning for me. I do not like pancakes all that much, but his are extra good and extra special since they are made with love (and Bisquick). I use Mrs. Butterworths on mine, but he uses real maple syrup on his. I buy the syrup for him at Whole Foods. Times may be tough, but we eat well. (All you have to do is look at a picture of me and you can see I’m not missing any meals!)