Subject: F H P (girly items)

The subject is feminine hygiene products, so some of you might want to avert your eyes or move along sooner now.

Okay, all set?

I am in menopause for awhile now, and even before I was done with monthlys, I was using a DIVA cup.  The peri-pads languished in a cupboard of the bathroom, and various other places until one afternoon when youngest son was getting ready to move out of this house and into an apartment closer to campus.  He bought a new queen size bed and mattress for the occasion, and so he asked if there was an extra mattress pad in storage.

When I brought the mattress pad out of the closet, I found an unopened bag of maxi-pads, my “in case of a snowstorm and I didn’t want to go to the store” bag, buried under layers and layers of bedding.
Heaven knows its age, the picture said the wrappers were white rather than pink.

Well, there was also coming a rummage sale at the church.  I rustled up some energy and went hunting for all my old female accoutrements.
I found a little kit in the bottom of my crochet bag, complete with individually wrapped pad, moist towelette packet, a change of panties.
Did I mention that it has been a couple years since my last period?  I’ve been carrying the weight of that kit all over the place for ages.

In one cupboard of the bathroom, there was a half box of pads still with tails!!! and the elastic belt which would hold it up.  Actually, 4 elastic belts, one being new and still in a wrapper.

So anyway, I think I gathered all the pieces and parts, and found a shopping bag in nice condition.  I sorted and packed all the clean items into the bag, putting the whole unopened bag of maxis on the top.

With a piece of yarn, I tied the handles closed, and attached a note saying feminine hygiene products from closet of non-smoking home and a price of $2.

When I went to the church Friday to help set out stuff for the rummage sale, one of the other ladies looked at the bag and told me to take it right to the dumpster, nobody would buy that.

Well, I had already decided I was going to work the Crafts table at the rummage sale.  Usually when I donate yarn items, I let whoever is in charge put them out and price them, but this was a day I was going to be a little mother hen with our handmade items, which were not actually ‘rummage’ but new and good quality projects,
so I really wanted to get a feel for what people are looking for.  One woman said more solid colors, another wanted the color black.  (My eyes find it difficult to be working with dark colors of yarn, so she might have to search elsewhere)

this was my first “for Sale” batch of hats worked with my new looms,

Husband is working on the photo of when the hats were spread all over the table.

So anyway, I just took that bag of feminine hygiene products along with me, and when I went back over in the morning to set up my Crafts table, I put it close by.

All morning, folks would glance at it, read the tag, snicker a bit.  Nobody said the word out loud, but I do wish I had a hidden camera to capture the expressions.

Around Noon or maybe even after, a woman in her mid-30s grabbed up the bag and put it in her pile.  Her mother, age in mid-60s, seemed skeptical about the purchase.
The buyer defended herself, saying “The bag on top is not even open! that’s worth the two bucks!”

When the worker doing the pricing and adding got to it, she bravely counted it in with the tally.

After they left, she looked over at me and said she never would have thought anybody would give money for that!

I told her that an item just has to be matched up with the right customer.  The entertainment value would be worthy.

So, being the frugal old broad that I am, and having this small reason to gloat, I’m going to ask ya if you would be willing to buy personal care products at a rummage sale, especially if there was a note attached giving it a bit of credibility.

Or, maybe just give me a story about your most outlandish or regrettable purchase.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to Subject: F H P (girly items)

  1. Yes ma’am, if the packages and contents looked clean and sanitary I certainly would buy them.

    And I know some people won’t buy underwear from rummage sales, etc. but I look them over and if they’re not obviously stained up or torn, I’ll buy them and take them home. I’ll wash and bleach the living daylights out of them.

    Some people haven’t seen hard times yet, apparently. I have. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Pammie says:

    If it were ‘personal hygiene products’ I’d probably be the one who would just ‘not buy them’. Sometimes I’ve run into items donated at charity garage sales that sort of got ‘filed in the bin’ simply because (after checking with others running the sale) the general consensus was to ‘pitch it’. I know my kids won’t take washed/clean but slightly used underwear of any sort (have trouble getting them to accept good socks!). It’s hard to think of what would be my most outlandish/unusual garage sale purchase, I’m usually the one who buys the strange stuff like 1 steak knife (if it matches what I already have at home), plastic mugs (same, if I already have them), plastic plates (for my grandson), those really old silver-colored nut picks (for our nut bowl at Christmas time), corn on the cob holders (both the dishes & the things you stab into the ends of the corn)…the list just goes on & on. I’m a good one for trying to spot things someone else might like, as well. I’m kinda known at one huge sale (held twice every year at a local church) for standing and matching up gloves & hats, or folding shirts (drives me nuts seeing the mess some people make with items).
    Oh well, guess I’ve covered your question-awaiting the other photo from your hubby on the loomed hats scattered all over the table!

  3. momma says:

    Diane, You did good on this one. In this day and economy finding a bargain even FHP stuff would mean some pennies saved for other necessities. I salute your thinking!!!

  4. caroline says:

    If i need it and it’s not in bad shape…i would buy it at a bargain any day!