Something good to eat, Something nice to wear

The Methodist Church a couple blocks over was having its yearly rummage sale, so of course I had to go.

It’s hotter than blazes outside, plus I did not want another tiring episode by having the wrong mode of transportation, so I decided to take the car.

The mailman was just dropping off the items which make up his livelihood, but I asked him to just put it through the slot since I was leaving for the sale.
I mentioned that I had only $7 cash, and he said that should be enough to get a bunch of stuff.

Although I could not find any shirts I might want to wear while on the job, I did have some good luck.  I got a nice old calendar with Ansel Adams pictures, a little carry-around photo album still in a box, and a hardback book.

The book _A Redbird Christmas_ is written by Fannie Flagg, and I have read several of her others, so this one is next.

Saving the best for last, I walked through the room where baked goods were on display.
While I do love to bake, the thought of turning on the oven in July is too overwhelming, even with a nicely-tuned air-conditioner.

Yay, something yummy was available
a bar cookie with chocolate chips, dried cherries, walnuts

and Yes, it does taste as good as it looks

My latest photo is showing off my new glasses

Husband says it’s easy to take a portrait quality picture of me, but I think it’s because I’m looking at him, and he likes to flirt a little while he’s hiding behind the shutter. . . .

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps in the second photo, I’m sitting at the picnic table on the patio and the clothesline is above and behind my head

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6 Responses to Something good to eat, Something nice to wear

  1. Evelyn says:

    Hey, Diane, You look Super in your New Glasses!
    Your morning foray sounds fun – and yummy!
    Love, Evelyn

  2. Amy says:

    I really enjoyed _A Redbird Christmas_ when I read it a couple years ago. I’d like to see another Fannie Flagg book soon.
    You look nice in your new glasses and your celebrating differences tshirt.

  3. Caroline says:

    You look nice in your new glasses.
    That cookie looks delicious!

  4. Pammie says:

    Boy, what’s not to like! New Glasses (which look great!), a very yummy-looking cookie (love those ingredients together), AND a rummage sale? Wish we lived closer…I’d have been right there with you (buying all sorts of ‘stuff’-books, clothes, and the occasional ‘unusual item you just can’t find anywhere’). Sounds like a good day’s fun to me.

  5. Margaret says:

    Your new glasses are just right for you. Looks good!

    Seattle Mom

  6. momma says:

    The glasses make you look younger which is the sign of a good choice. So every time you put them on I want to smile big and flirt like crazy!!!