Hats worked on half inch pegs looms

My new round knitting looms from CinDWood Crafts arrived awhile back.
We have e-mailed back and forth a few times, which is one of the benefits of buying from the owner/worker.

I am liking alot my new things.
The half inch spaces for the pegs makes so much a nicer, tighter, warmer stitch, using a single strand of 4-ply yarn. 

When Lucas was home the 4th of July, he mentioned that he didn’t know I was still in contact with so many babies.
I explained that I work most of the hats as a charity project involved with the Needlework Group.
The kid is definitely growing into his own life and interests.

This little hat has become a favorite.  I brought home a little bitty ball of pretty donated yarn, thinking it would be able to make a full hat.  On the plastic loom, it might have.
As I was knitting along, I realized I was gonna run out of the nice color, so I went into my own bin of little balls of yarn to find a match.  There was one small rolled ball left from a baby blanket of a boy who is now in college.  Don’t ask me why my brain retains such silly details, but I keep quirks about yarn.

Note how it just fits over the wide-mouth jar.  The booklet says this loom makes hats which fit a baby age 1 to 4 months old.

One of my pals at the Group crocheted a nice scarf of red/white/green yarn.  She asked if I could make a hat using the rest of the same skein.
As I mentioned, the closer spaced pegs make a tighter stitch, so more yarn is needed.
I worked in some white and some red for a full-size hat.
The spiral effect is purely a serendipity.

These will go to the Donation Box in our group’s storeroom.
from there, social workers send them on to the needy

Next project is potholders and bookmarks for our church rummage sale.
Well, maybe not bookmarks.  After looking at my lists and pictures, I realized the reason my head seemed so cloudy with tiny stitches is because I had crocheted 39 bookmarks in 32 days.

My new knitting looms came at the right time to take a different path.

This afternoon, I drive over to help Lucas with errands.
He is not supposed to take his cat on the bus, so I offered to chauffeur a visit to the Vet for shots.

Keeping busy this summer, fer sher.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to Hats worked on half inch pegs looms

  1. Evelyn says:

    Lovely, Diane!
    I really like the one with the aqua on the crown.
    They are each a
    “work of art.”
    Love, Evelyn

  2. Caroline says:

    I love, love, love the red, white and green spiral one.
    They are all beautiful but that one caught my eye.

  3. momma says:

    A beautiful match on the blues. You are getting to be very well versed in the use of the knitting looms. Again your eye for color combination choices just shines with these hats. Very well done my friend!

  4. MrsDoF says:

    Thank You for your compliments, my dear friends!

    I gotta watch how much I “advertise”.
    A couple folks have written e-mails to ask if I am willing to make hats in specific colors.

    This is a hobby for now. It seems like once I try to associate money with it, much of the fun goes away.