Camouflage Aphgan as gift for nephew

Today, the first Saturday in April, was to have been my nephew’s wedding.  His dear girl called off the whole deal a couple months ago.
I’ve been thinking about him all day, but last report from my sister says he is doing fine, moving along a different path with life.

Last summer when I was home in the Valley, my mother and I went shopping late one afternoon.  Knowing I would probably want to crochet an aphgan as a wedding gift, same as I had for his parents, Mom helped choose yarn in some colors we thought the kid would like.
He loves to be in the woods hunting or on the water fishing.

I began the crochet work during Winter Break.  I was about 14 rows from the end when I got the phone call about the cancellation.  Totally disheartened, I set aside the aphgan in a basket behind the couch, and got to work on items for the Relief Sale.  Before long, a month was gone.

Then came Spring Break, and I knew that I would not be wanting that big blankie covering my lap when the weather gets warmer, air conditioning or no.

So, I got it done.  I’m snuggled in from the side.

Well, I forgot to do the measurements.  It’s big.
I lost track of how many skeins of Red Heart yarn are in it.

To be able to show the extra stripes I put in because I thought I would run out of yarn, we took the aphgan over to the College of Business and laid it out in the atrium, then Husband walked up one level and leaned over the railing to use the camera.

Those chairs we scattered about to make room are built to hold an oversize person, so you get the idea.

My nephew Danny is over 6 feet tall, and his cousin Chris emphasized that I should make it long enough to cover from shoulders to toes.

It Does.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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7 Responses to Camouflage Aphgan as gift for nephew

  1. Sharkey says:

    Nice! You shoulda laid down on it for the second photo! 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    What a magnificent project!
    I’m sure he will keep it forever….

    Seattle Mom

  3. Stephanie says:

    think this is GORGEOUS> Love the colors.
    I hope you are sending it anyway?

    And I hope your nephew finds the girl of his dreams.

    Love, Sis

  4. Pam says:

    Very nice; you outdid yourself, once again (but I’m not surprised). I’m sure he will enjoy it for a long time to come and think of you each time, for all the love you put into every stitch.

  5. momma says:

    Well My Lady a project to be extra proud of. You do some amazing things with that hook. I’m sure Dan will appreciate all the work and hours you put into it.

  6. Evelyn says:

    Smashing! The Big Guy will be Cozy in it!
    Lucky Nephew!
    Love, Evelyn

  7. caroline says:

    Any man would fall in love with it.
    I’m sure he’d apreciate it even for birthday?
    Another work of art!!!