Crocheted potholders of the Week

Six pair crocheted cotton potholders

As of right now…. Destination Unknown

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps this picture was taken on the picnic table on the patio
the comb is used for grooming cats

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5 Responses to Crocheted potholders of the Week

  1. Diane,
    They are beautiful. I can just see someone who loves to bake and cook using these colorful potholders.

  2. momma says:

    As I said on the e-mail –they are too pretty to use!

  3. Pammie says:

    Very Nice (as usual!). I see “Grandma’s Favorite” for the pattern, but are you using double strands because they look (nice and) thick! On the one, it looks like you did an extra row around it in orange??? (can you tell I’m curious?) VERY NICE JOB!!!

  4. MrsDoF says:

    Hello, Pam,
    I’m not sure what you mean by “Grandma’s Favorite” unless it is because the pattern is so old. The lady who taught me how to crochet the pattern going round n round with a single stitch, then folding on the diagonal is now in her 90s. She says her own mother crocheted potholders that way.

    The orange and green potholders are actually two rectangles crocheted using the aphgan aka tunisian stitch, then place back to back, then single crocheted together. Several books I own have directions for working the aphgan stitch, but I figured out myself how to put it together, getting the corner just right.

    They all are worked of 4-ply cotton with G hooks.

  5. MrsDoF says:

    There is a church in Canton, Ohio having a sale in June to benefit the building fund.

    These were included for a total of 13 pair of crocheted potholders, and 5 baby hats knitted on my round loom were boxed up and shipped yesterday.

    I thought it would be nice for them to have something different donated by someone not in the home congregation.