Our Last Farewell to Dan

The phone rang at 6:09am with an office assistant on the other end, with an offer for a week’s job at the other high school.
I told her I was only available today, but that would give her time to set up somebody else for the rest.  She was okay with that arrangement.  At 6:12am, the computerized SubFinder called saying there was openings at two of the junior highs.  I had to click negatives for both.  I’m telling ya, the whole school system needs to find and hire bunches of qualified people.

I was a classroom coach for just one boy who was on his best behavior.  He seems to have settled into a good routine this semester, but is looking forward to Winter Break.

During Homeroom, which the teacher declared a casual time, I picked up a copy of the newspaper from the pile sitting on the work table.
After reading the comics, I turned to the Obituaries and saw a picture of Dan Fogelberg.
I must have let out a very audible GASP! because every head in the room turned to look at me.  One teenaged boy even came around the table with a look of concern on his face.

Of course, I got so embarassed.

I had to explain that Dan Fogelberg is one of my very favorite singers, and he had passed away.

Teenagers don’t have a clue—blank expressions facing me.

The teacher went back to whatever he was doing on the computer, other students also into routine.

The boy I was working with, and the one who had come around the table—well, they both expressed their sympathy.

It’s hard for me to believe I was about their age the first time I heard a Dan Fogelberg song on the radio.  I don’t remember who of my friends had a record album, but I remember thinking I loved Dan’s voice,

and he wasn’t so much older than us, and that long dark hair that I wanted to run my fingers through.

We played a tape of Leader of the Band at my father-in-law’s memorial service.  That song, and my sister-in-law playing a borrowed violin will always live in my heart.

A few years ago, Husband and I were in the audience during one of Dan’s concerts at the Peoria Civic Center.  The guy seemed tired and didn’t connect very well with us.  I could have bought 3 CDs with the money we spent on tickets.
Not long after that I learned Dan had a prostate cancer diagnosis.

It seems that he was taken from us too soon.  And his passing makes me look too closely at my own age and ailments.

And I’ll bet a few teenagers who were with me today are still wondering what all the fuss is about.

Rest in Peace, Dan.  Thanks for the Memories….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps Junie is another Dan fan and has a couple nice posts up

Dan’s website gives the sad news

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2 Responses to Our Last Farewell to Dan

  1. Pam says:

    Wow, that IS a shock! I remember shopping in some store (like a KMart of the day) and hearing his music being played; I bought the album (and I’m not a ‘quick music purchase’ person!) He had such a mellow sound; sorry to hear that news. Like Jim Croce, he was taken too early (but only the Lord knows their ‘time’). They both are missed.

  2. Uzz says:

    While I was never a huge fan, I really respected him as a great songwriter. My sister was a HUGE fan and one of my friends’ mother was utterly destroyed. I always said that it was either Dan or James Taylor who would be considered the King of 70s Adult Contemporary.

    Hope all is well…I have not been a very good blogger lately, but I am trying to get back in the swing of things…business has been great!

    Come by my blog and check out my Christmas card photo of Mini-Uzz and I:-)