a Quiet Week Hereabouts


Yes, I have copied from Comics dot com

It seems I am way behind with any words here.

Yes, we had a fine Christmas.
Yes, I am taking it easy during Winter Break.
Yes, my hands are very busy working Yarn things,
often while listening to a CD.

Yesterday was Michael W. Smith’s newest _It’s a Wonderful Christmas_ where The Highland Carol and bagpipes really gets the Spirit of the Season going.
or while watching a movie from the cabinet.
Tonight was Jerry Maguire.

Yes, our newsletter is making progress.

Here’s hopin’ you and yours have it good, too.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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2 Responses to a Quiet Week Hereabouts

  1. Diane J. says:

    Hi, Diane. Sorry I’ve been so absent, but for some reason my Bloglines hasn’t been notifying me of your new posts. I just assumed you’d taken a holiday blogging break. I had no idea of all your new posts since I’d been by here. I wouldn’t have known about this new post if you hadn’t emailed me about it.

    My Christmas was good, glad yours was too. The week between Christmas and New Years is kind of a no man’s land, isn’t it? I’ve had to think about it every day to know what day of the week it is. Too many Saturdays and Sundays this week! 😉

    I’ve got a baby afghan to get started on soon. I need to mail it by the middle of February.

    Have a good weekend, and Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you!

    Love and hugs,


  2. momma says:

    Like you I am sorta floating along with the between holiday tide. Doing a bit of reading and a bit of napping. Glad to hear your Christmas was good. Now all we need is for the New Year to bring better times for those around us who have had it rough this past year.