Working the Leg Muscles

After sitting for a 3 hour ride, the town of Hannibal, Missouri was a welcome sight.

We needed to get out of the car and move around awhile.

The end of the street looked promising.

There were steps leading past a park, up to a lighthouse.

I’m older than 50 years and overweight.
Do I Dare?

Whither thou goest, I should go….

Ah, a resting place on the wayside

Across the parking lot

My guess is 80 more steps

Looks like we made it!

The effort was worth it!

the Mississippi River in early November

We climbed them once a day, all four days we were in Hannibal.

Anybody wanna guess how many steps there are?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to Working the Leg Muscles

  1. momma says:

    Quite an effort on both your parts but the end results were well worth it. The pictures are a wonderful way of showing us a fascinating part of your trip. Did you get to go into the lighthouse?

  2. webs05 says:

    That’s awesome! Climbing stairs can really suck, but in cases like these the reward is plentiful.

    My guess is 207. It looked like the steps were groups of 9 and it looked like 13 or so groups to the first stopping point and you said about 80 from there. 🙂

    Beautiful pictures BTW!

  3. Maria says:

    I visited Hannibal when I was a young child. I have a strong desire to go back and visit again. Bob and I thought it might be a good place for the next reunion of his Navy group.

    thanks for the beautiful photos.

  4. MrsDoF says:

    No, Mary, the lighthouse is closed tight, with signs saying NO GRAFFITI ALLOWED. There were ladybugs all over it, though.

    The light at the top does flash brightly, but I doubt any boats on the river need to pay attention–they have more antennas than a porcupine, and use satellite navigation equipment. Even the faux paddlewheel riverboat used by tourists had a radar disk turning.
    We didn’t get to go out on the boat due to high wind conditions. Several workers in the stores reminded us that November is not the usual season for sightseers.

    Thanks for the comment, Webs! About 25 years ago, I took a photography class sponsored by Parks & Rec, but most of the outcome is brought on by luck and happy circumstances.

    Looks like the guessing participants is fairly slim, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

    (the number is according to my husband who is in better physical shape than I am, so he wasn’t concentrating quite so much on his pulse and breathing)

    CARDIFF HILL, Hannibal, Missouri

    55 steps to old Mark Twain Memorial Bridge approach level
    80 more steps to road crossing next to artist’s house
    37 more steps to parking <strike>for wimps</strike>
    73 more steps from parking up to the lighthouse
    ———- The total?
    245 steps – as many as a 24-story building.