when Love won’t let ‘em go

Here they are, the Lucas-loveys

Lucas sez
” Feel free to toss whatever you want from the bag.”

but I don’t think I am the one who can do it

the tiger was sewed and stuffed by Grandma and makes a great ‘cry into’ pillow

the purchase of the white bunny has a yard sale story

the My Buddy doll was a Christmas gift from Aunt Stephanie

the Good Luck bear was sewed and stuffed by Grammie as a birthday present

the handmade doll was a special order from a lady at church (note the blonde hair and grey eyes)

and it is wearing a sweater that Lucas loved when he was three years old, which is why it became the doll’s outfit after Lucas outgrew it

the snow leopard was a whole bunch of fun and games for my home daycare kids

the Donald Duck was in a kid’s meal from Hardee’s the day I got the sons picture taken at a studio

there are too many Mommy memories

and so I sat here and rocked them and hugged them and put them back into the bag but I cannot carry it out to the curb

even though they all are 20 years old with some ?? stains

but I can’t bear to think of anyone else abusing them

and I really can’t throw them away today

No, not today…maybe after more time in the storeroom

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to when Love won’t let ‘em go

  1. Junie says:

    Dear Diane,


    You’ll regret it if you let them go!

    I have many such items around my house…from my kids AND my grands!



  2. momma says:

    These are Lucas memories but more important they are Mommies memories. They surly can’t take up near the room in the house that they do in your heart!

  3. Shimfee says:

    SAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you WILL have grandchildren someday!!!!! they will love to sit on your lap with the loveys and hear you tell their stories, over and over again.

  4. Evelyn says:

    SOUNDS LIKE ME! I have a house full of stuff
    that I can’t let go! John says, “If we don’t
    get rid of some of this stuff, our kids will
    have to some day.”