Janitor Substitute at Church

My left shoulder is hollering about how much work it had to do to run the vacuum cleaner over what is affectionately known as “The Acres” at the church building.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to type.

Yes, indeedy, I am church janitor substitute for about a week.  The e-mail list of duties came the night before the regular guy left to visit relatives.
During the week, the job ain’t too bad, just a little clean up and empty trash in the offices.
However, on Saturday, all the classrooms have to be tidied up, the tables sprayed with sanitizer, the restrooms ready, the vacuum going for an hour or so.

After all that got finished, I did my usual preps for Fellowship Hour in the kitchen and came on home.

It brings on some memories, this gig as custodian.
I was the janitor from July 1991 to Dec 1994.
What I realize every time I agree for this was how much I depended on my guys to help with the duties.  Back in those days, Joey always ran the dust mop in the auditorium and squeegeed the windows of the front doors.  Chris says he remembers putting furniture polish on the planters and preacher’s stand.  I always kept track of their work hours and paid them accordingly.  Joe earned a CD player and several CDs to play in it.

There are changes in the decor, with the pipe organ being most worthy of note.  The room partitions were difficult for shorty me to move all those years ago, so I said I’m not even gonna try while they are so much older.
Because of my weakened wrists, I also have trouble wielding a mop, so we also crossed that off my To Do List.
Another party will be responsible, should the need arise.

There aren’t any committee meetings on the schedule, one minister is on vacation for part of it, so this week is hopefully nice and quiet.

But, oh my, the vacuum.
Open the skylight, the foot tracks show.

I’m in for now….about to have some ice cream.

Husband borrowed my car to bring home boxes.
We went through the video cabinets and have a pile of those to donate for the library sale.

I’m telling ya, this room is getting a real nice makeover.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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2 Responses to Janitor Substitute at Church

  1. caroline says:

    A long time ago i used to clean buildings for a living. I cleaned a church for a couple years. It was beautiful! The best thing is their really wasn’t alot of maintenance. dusting, bathrooms, vacuuming, garbage.

    I went to so many when i was a child but have not been to a church since i was 16. I only went to one church on a regular basis. The last time i was in that same church was 13 years ago when i got married. It was the only church i had gone to so that’s where i got married.

  2. momma says:

    Just to mop, dust, and vacuum my little dome gives me fits every time I do it all in one day so I kinda know the feelings you have. It is frustrating to know that when you work so hard one day the next every part of your body is going to scream if you move. Hopefully you will get through your duties without too much pain and be able to get back to normal soon.