Feet and Heart Both Ache

My left heel hurt so bad this morning that I barely could walk to the bathroom.  I believe I must have overworked myself yesterday, what with riding my bicycle to breakfast, climbing up and down on the footstool during the afternoon to organize the closet, then in the evening, walking while carrying my lawn chair and crochet bag down and back for the Concert on the Quad.

I fear the plantar fasciitis has returned.
It is probably purely coincidence that I wrote about the same thing last year.  I hope to be able to delay buying new shoes for a month or so, closer to when I have a job for the beginning of school.
Meanwhile, I need to renew my vigor for the proper exercises.

Later in the morning, I went to the funeral service of a neighbor.  She changed houses only a month ago, moved a few blocks, so I still think of her as a neighbor.  She was not quite five years older than I am.  On July 4th, she had just left a family gathering and was driving her grandson to another place, and there was a terrible car accident.
According to the news article, she was pronounced at the scene.
The casket was closed, but a real nice photo was set on a stand nearby.
A good-size crowd, very diverse in looks, reasons for attending.
She was quite busy with her church, and the regular minister spoke a fine message, but he was obviously moved about how she is younger than he, and gone so suddenly.
Her grandson was at the service today, with some visible bruises.

New storage bins were purchased for the closet.  There will come a day when I do more than sort this stuff, maybe organize them into nice scrapbooks by year or subject.  I sure don’t want to wait until a funeral brings the need to trot out mementos.
But right now, the floor needs cleared for space, and some exercise equipment is a necessity by the time cold weather comes.

So the pile will get contained and stored on the high shelf awhile longer.
Seven boxes of papers are now One, and a smaller one for pictures.

Having been in the Library Club in high school, I’m having a very difficult time with all this.

Maybe someday, a little kid will ask what’s this stuff about?  because most of our recent happenings are on back-up discs and viewed on screen.
Will it matter to somebody in a hundred years?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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5 Responses to Feet and Heart Both Ache

  1. george.w says:

    Will it matter to somebody in a hundred years?

    By sorting out a lot of extraneous material, you’ve very much increased the chance that it will. And even if not, it’s been a trip down memory lane for all of us! Sort of marks “You are here” on our map from past to future.

  2. Uzz says:

    I am incredibly sorry to hear about the car accident. As you probably know, I lost my sister, her husband and a niece to a drunk driver about five years ago and now every time I see an article about an accident, it just jabs at my heart.

    Sorry to hear about your feet! I have pretty nasty problems from when I shattered my ankle over 10 years ago…I never know when my ankle will just buckle:-(

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. MrsDoF says:

    Thanks, Uzz. We’ve had condolences all week.

    I’m sure some insurance company has statistics about the epidemic of vehicular deaths, but when one happens, up close and personal like this, it seems to be one too many.

    My foot feels better when I do the exercises.
    I get lax, and pay a high price.

  4. momma says:

    Hopefully it will matter. The foot problem can be very painful I know from experience. Get better soon!

  5. Abhilasha says:

    I sure hope your leg feels better…

    about the pictures, every time I go back home, the best part is when my mom opens my grand father’s albums and starts showing us old pictures of him and my dad and the old house..

    save them…they are precious memories…and am sure, people would cherish them for a very long time