Pinks with lime Blankie

Today is a real blah day for me.  I’m not sure why, maybe because the summer job search is proving difficult (No, I really don’t want to use up my time by taking items from a box and arranging them on a store shelf, no matter how much I need a paycheck) (If I work nightshift, Husband says he would have to look for a mistress—but the background checks and interviews would be too exhausting).

Or the sound of chainsaws and branch-grinder is getting on my nerves badly enough that I’d like to send a flagpole into the machinery to jam it up.
The tree-trimmers have been in our neighborhood for over a week, even Saturdays.
Yet we still lost electric power during a storm.

A positive thing is I finished the latest blankie.  34″x36”

I’ve toted it all over the place during its construction.
My mother-in-law admired it while she was here for its beginning.  I worked in 8 rows, then ripped out 4 of them, on the trip to St. Louis airport.
My mother in Ohio held a corner and declared it to be so soft and welcome for a baby.  The neighbor girls say the colors are sooo pretty.  A retired Home Ec professor gave a grade of A for the stitches and pattern.

worked with a size G hook in 3-ply yarn

multiple of 3 chain stitches

Row 1—(right side) Work 1dc in 4th ch from hook, 1 sc in same ch,
*ch2, skip next 2ch, work 1dc and 1sc in next ch; repeat from * across

Row 2—ch 3, turn, skip sc, work 1 dc and 1 sc in first dc,* ch 2,
skip ch 2 and sc, 1 dc and 1sc in next dc; repeat from * across

Repeat Row 2 for desired size

beginning at upper left corner from right side, work 1 row sc evenly spaced on each side
3 sc in each corner, join with sl st

pattern for Triangle Edging
chain 3, 3 dc into first dc,
*skip 3 dc, 1 sc into next dc, 3 ch, 3 dc into same dc*
ending with skip 3 dc
1 sc into turning chain and fasten off

My edging doesn’t always work quite the way it is written, so you might have to make a few adjustments.

I’ve got a couple potholders done, but haven’t decided on the next bigger project.  I don’t usually like having to work with something laying across my lap for these hot months of the summer (even with whole house air conditioning).

Gotta keep busy, though.  Four places have asked for projects.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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6 Responses to Pinks with lime Blankie

  1. PJ says:

    That is so beautiful! 🙂 My mom’s friend taught me how to make a chain the other day and she tried more but it just did not work too well. I can get a couple rows but they look terrible! She also said that I crochet like a knitter! %-P Ha! I keep wanting to let go of the hook! Had I know the crochet would be so much faster and prettier I never would have picked up knitting! I love looking at all of your projects and so fast too! It takes me weeks just to knit one scarf. As soon as she left after teaching me the basic single crochet I was so frustrated that I pulled out my knitting to relax Maybe someday my hands will get the hang of it but right now It just frustrates me to no end b/c I keep trying so hard! But you are an inspiration! That blanket you made me is so wonderful! I have one of Rachel’s stuffies wrapped in it on my bed. *hugs*

  2. MrsdoF says:

    It is possible to be a person who can work with yarn, either to knit or crochet.
    I know Many! in fact, one friend knits lovely dishcloths, then puts a single crochet border around in a different color. They are wonderful!

    I have a friend at church who wants to learn to knit. We have a pact that as soon as her youngest child is walking, we are going to take a class together at the community college. I could probably learn sooner, but we’ve had fun anticipating an evening out!

    As to how quick I am, well, I began this pinks one the Friday before that Sunday when I made Rachel’s brights. Folks tell me I do crochet fast. When Michael’s had a contest, the winner worked 44 dc in 3 minutes, and I came in second with 42 dc. Turns out, I started on the 4th chain, rather than the usual 3rd.
    Goes to show that an audience can put on the pressure.

  3. momma says:

    Another lovely creation Diane. I’m not sure I could master that one but it doesn’t stop me from praising it.

  4. Pam says:

    Another beautiful creation! Just wondering what was the name of that yarn? Really nice color combinations! (I, too, knit & crochet; for the afghans I knit them, then crochet the edging). Actually, I love doing both knitting and crochet, but am definately NOT on the league with you when it comes to crochet! (still muddling over your directions…not sure how you would dc AND sc in the same chain…where would you put the sc? See? I’m not one for patterns much! Just physically SHOW me how to do it and I get the idea.)
    Thanks for sharing;

  5. MrsDoF says:

    The yarn is Red Heart Soft Baby yarn, name Fizzy Print.
    I bought it on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics store, but their website still has it available to order.
    Also Herrschner Crafts has it on their website.

    I like working with this acrylic yarn, although being only 3-ply sport weight, it takes longer to get the item big enough!

    As to the pattern, that’s what is printed in a very old booklet I have. After awhile, I got the rhythm of working a dc and an sc in the same loop, then doing 2 ch. It looks funny as a single, but the whole row works out nicely.

    It’s not easy to do while talking, tho! which is why I had to pull out rows twice on the trip. Usually because I would forget to put in the sc before the chain, which made the rows very uneven (I did try to fudge a bit the first time, but learned it would not end up correct).
    It’s worth it to work a practice piece about 10 inches square to make sure you can get the sides and gauge even. I cannot stress often enough, nor persuade my students to take the time for, a practice swatch.
    This was the first time I worked this pattern, but it won’t be the last. Mainly because the colors show up in a more random way.

  6. Junie says:

    That’s a very pretty piece, Diane!

    When I visit you here it makes me want to get back into some crochet work! ….but I probably wouldn’t have the patience these days! 🙁