Brights and Blue Granny Patch Blankie

This small afghan is 72 granny squares crocheted with a size I hook, from 100% acrylic 4-ply yarn.

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Most of the yarn was previously owned by Rachel, with the blue coming from my stash.

I was asked by a friend of her family to crochet another blankie for a grandson due later in the month.  All tests say the little one is a boy, yet much of the yarn has pink as a part of the color combination.  I tried to de-emphasize the pinks, even while using the yarn scraps.
It worked out quite nicely.

And I’ll tell you, the thing is WARM.  It’s a good thing the baby will grow into it for winter, because he won’t need it much before then.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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11 Responses to Brights and Blue Granny Patch Blankie

  1. Sue B says:

    What creativity–Gorgeous!!

  2. Pam says:

    I LIKE IT!!! Never have seen a granny afghan done using varigated yarns before…it’s BRIGHT, it’s COLORFUL, it says: “FUN!!!” I LIKE IT!!! Yay, YOU!
    Very creative use of colors. Thanks for sharing!

  3. momma says:

    Just when I think you have created the ultimate in color and design you come up with another gem. Diane you never crease to amaze me!

  4. Diane,
    I love the bright colors in this Blankie.
    I can just imagine as the little one’s eyes develop how mesmerized he/she will be with the patterns and colors.

  5. MrsDoF says:

    Several of my favorite memories of this blankie:

    How I got the yarn handed to me from 3 different people at different times–Rachel’s sister PJ, their friend Sue, each brought some skeins over.
    A day later, I went across the street to get yarn from her dad. While I was standing and talking to him, with the bag waiting between our feet, the mailman came along and listened awhile.

    When I was at the public library arranging the squares on the big table near a window, the librarian came over to watch, and even helped place a couple squares.

    To get the flat picture, Husband swept clear the patio, I laid out a cream colored blanket and put the afghan on it, then Husband got up on a ladder to get the whole image.

    This blankie seems to be one of the more blessed works I have done lately.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Please let my voice join the chorus of bravos to you for that exquisite piece of work.

    I am truly impressed and proud of you.


  7. Evelyn says:

    They’re ALL BLESSED, Diane!
    It’s the heart and hands that
    put them all together!

  8. PJ says:

    This is just beautiful!
    I know her daughter will love it! Her daughter happened to be in Rachel’s class too growing up so that will make it very special.
    I was there when Sue opened the bag and she thought it was just perfect! Even the pinks look so bright with blue and everything it will be just great for the new little guy to look at. I think it is cool how you did the squares at the library too b/c that one of Rachel’s favorite places to go! She loved to read and would go to the library all the time.
    My mom says “Thank you!” too for the pot holders! They are so lovely!

  9. MrsDoF says:

    Yeah, I had to go to the library because my craft/study room is complete chaos, even more than the usual. Sometimes, I put out the squares on my bed, but with Oscar feeling poorly, he was using his sleeping place too often.
    Although I did end up at the library because when I went to a classroom at the church building, I learned the carpet was being cleaned, so could not stay there.
    There must have been a little angel giving nudges along the way.

    The potholders were made from yarn found at the very bottom of the last bag I brought over.
    Seemed only fitting to work with it this way.

    All in All, I’m pleased with what’s happening.

  10. MrsDoF says:

    a note got personally delivered and put between the door and screen door

    Dear Diane, 7-12-07
    Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket you made for my grandson. Using the yarn Rachel picked out makes it very special.
    You are so thoughtful to put all that time into it.
    We will treasure it.
    Thanks again,
    Sue H