the First Day of April

Today is the first day of April.
My thought as I was fixing my oatmeal for breakfast was that this is when April of the comic strip For Better or For Worse was born during a freak snowstorm.  I couldn’t remember if she’s turning 15 or 16.  Then the newspapers brought in from the front porch confirmed age 16.  Kinda silly of me, thinking of a comic character like she’s a relative or something.

Next came the memory that April 1 is the birthday of my Aunt Sylvia.  She was born on April Fool’s Day, then died on Halloween.  Just her luck when she had to share her days with mischief makers, especially her brothers’ teasing.

While eating oatmeal and reading the comics, I came to realize that having a day for pranks would not be neglected merely because the date falls on a Sunday this year.
Seems like most of the plots had April Fool jokes.

At church, I heard about an April Fool prank.

One of the kids, a boy about 10 years old, came rushing in through the front doors saying he had to find the pastor.  He was directed to where the man was chatting.  The boy told the pastor that one of the tires on his truck was flat.  The pastor went outside, walked down the walk to where he could see all 4 tires of the truck without actually crossing the drive lane or parking lot.

Umm, I don’t think so, they look fine from here.

Giggle “APRIL FOOL!”

Nobody has tried with me, but the day is not over yet.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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2 Responses to the First Day of April

  1. caroline says:

    playing a practical joke on the pastor has to be against some commandment right? lol
    All in good fun! I luckily was not a part of any ones cruel jokes.
    Buttttttttt just when i went outside to work on my little flower area gusts of wind and rain started to come down. Maybe i was part of someones cruel joke. *sigh*

  2. Sue B says:

    Diane–just had to tell you about the “April food joke” that took place at my church this morning.
    A student who goes to high school got up and announced that the Junior Fish Fry had to be cancelled this year due to bad planning, incompetence, etc, etc. and was sorry about having to announce this.
    Immediately after he finished another student rushed up to the pulpit and said “April Fool”!!
    Everyone roared! That was pretty clever! I think they got most of us!

    I enjoy the comic strip For Better or For Worse as well. It is easy to feel like they are one of the extended family!