Blue Star

Spring has finally arrived here in our little town on the prairie.
The side yard has violets and dandelions and bluebells.

Last year the flowers looked better because there wasn’t such a cold snap as we had about 10 days ago.  Also, we had three trees cut down late last summer, so I think the bluebells are disappointed with us.  They grow better if there is a bit of shade.

I was busy working as a Teacher’s Aide for three days last week.  It was a bit stressful, seeing that I was in an unconventional (and confidential) situation, but I’m told that I did as well as could be expected under the circumstances.
The gig was supposed to have continued on through the beginning of this week, but the office assistant called on Sunday afternoon to tell me that plans had been rearranged.  Imagine being hired by the school district as an office worker, then using up a weekend afternoon making phone calls for Substitutes.
Duty above and beyond.

On the hobby front, I’m ahead a bookmark and two potholders.

these have no designated recipients, which never lasts long

There was a Blood Drive at church, and I was a volunteer in the Escort position.  We collected 40 units, our highest number ever!  I didn’t even try to donate, my last trip to the lab told me my iron is still a bit low.  Maybe that was why I was craving a hamburger for lunch.  I do miss a good Wendy burger, and haven’t found a reasonable replacement.

During the week, I read the news on the ‘Net, but we get the newspaper delivered to the porch on Sundays.  I do like that quiet time of folding the paper just so, then laying it out next to my bowl of oatmeal, so I can read while dipping the spoon.

A nice article caught my attention

A name seemed familiar… ah, my husband’s former co-worker is having a belated bat Mitzvah.

I usually give a crocheted cross at baptism or church transfer, but for a Jewish ceremony, that might not go over so well.
As it happens, there is a crochet pattern on the back of the page, the dog-earred, laminated, photocopy of instructions for religious symbols I’ve had since before I got married.  That blue Star of David seen in the corner of the picture up there is the first I have ever worked up.

It took quite awhile beside an open window on a sunny Sunday afternoon, but I think the lady will like it.

I’m in my element when I’m trying to figure out a new crochet pattern.  I learned in one of my college classes that if a pattern is followed and the outcome is known, then the skill is a Craft.
I don’t care to remember what conditions are for Art.

I’m working all our bedding through the laundry.  The buzzer for the dryer is going, but I think the next load will be hung out on the line.

It’s a fine day in the Spring!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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6 Responses to Blue Star

  1. Shimfee says:

    Lucky, You have dandelions! They don’t grow too much as far south as we are.
    And then there are the strange folks who count them as weeds.
    I remember seeing an interview between Charles Kuralt and Lady Bird Johnson (who is still alive!) from 1994, where he questioned her about the national wildflower project for the interstate highways.
    They walked through her wildflower garden in TX, and he pointed out a dandelion. She referred to it as a “DYC,” damned yellow composite.
    I loved her smile when she said, “I don’t think we should frown upon these, do you?” She won my heart right there.

  2. caroline says:

    I love the blues in the bookmark and the star of david.
    It has been gorgeous and all i have been doing is working, working working..i stare out huge windows and wish that i was outside with my kids.

    Take care

  3. momma says:

    Your Star of David bookmark is a work of art and I’m sure they will love. The potholder colors are good enough to eat. You have been a busy girl!

  4. MrsDoF says:

    The shaded blues of the straight bookmark came to me by accident. I was at Michael’s Craft store and knocked something off its hook by accident.
    I knelt down on the floor and looked back under the shelf unit.
    I could see the item which had fallen, and the ball of blues thread. That particular color of thread is discontinued, so the ball must have been neglected there for awhile.
    I took a new crochet hook off its post and used it as a tool to reach both the things I was going for.
    The clerk at the register questioned the price sticker, then decided to let it be.

    Sometimes, a little bit of happy comes along when we least expect it.

  5. Junie says:

    I think your meadow flowers are looking very pretty!

    …and I just LOVE that set of potholders! Those colors together are very nice.


  6. MrsDoF says:

    The yarn for the potholders is a new purchase at JoAnn Fabrics, and the fairly common name of LILY Sugar & Cream 4 ply cotton.

    I’ve said in the past that I would love to be paid-in-full for sitting and doing crochet work, but 3 days at the high school doing just that wore me out. Of course, my actual job wasn’t to crochet, but I made those while on-the-clock.
    The pattern is really really easy, so I could set my work aside in an instant when I needed to, then come back and pick it up without having to find my place.

    I’ll be making a bunch of potholders for the Relief Sale in Chicago the first Saturday in September. Apparently, my blog is good advertising.