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Good Company Again

Every once in a while, a mom can get it right. This morning, after being chauffeur for Husband, I decided to drive the extra half block and stop for the drive-thru at McDs. While waiting, I thought that more than … Continue reading

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Pretties through windows

These are applied to the east window in our bedroom. They replaced some cute little critters carrying garden harvest. Now I’ll get to look at Valentine hearts every morning. Husband brought four chocolate covered cherries home for me. The high … Continue reading

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Gray and White and Gold

We’re having a Snow Day today.  Before daylight, I was on the computer looking at websites for updated information. Schools, Universities, everybody except the neighbor’s dog is indoors.  updated to add:  he was on their porch, but went inside in … Continue reading

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When I went looking for a song

The other evening I went to the historic theatre to see the movie Bells are Ringing.  I’m thinking the play was performed when I was in high school, but I can’t find the box of my teenage keepsakes to verify … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t you go to that Rodeo?

What a nice thing to find at the end of the week! Go over and see Uzz in a commercial. He comes over here every now and then to leave a Comment, so tell him I sent ya! ~~love and … Continue reading

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Thursday, yeah, I’m good

Today feels like I am having a “glad overload”. It began with being chauffeur for my working man because the snow is too deep/ ice too abundant for him to ride his bicycle.  He doesn’t like feeling dependent, but I … Continue reading

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While Bush was in a town on the Prairie

About a week ago, the President of our country, GW Bush paid a visit to a town about an hour away from us.  I made a comment on somebody’s blog about how I thought he was a bit nutty to … Continue reading

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Feeling the Déjà Vu

The phone rang at 6:23 this morning. Yes, I am available to be a TA Sub at the high school. This business of taking my thyroid pill then having to wait an hour to eat ain’t gonna work very well … Continue reading

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No School Today

Our Sunday newspaper had an article about a group which meets in the community room of a local church to make Prayer Shawls.  Before going to our church services, I skimmed over the headlines and photos with captions.  One woman … Continue reading

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Me Likey this Linky

Wordgirl at Half of the Sky is a mother of three boys growing up a few years after my own sons. I’m having to clean the splutter marks off my screen this morning after reading this post today.   Why … Continue reading

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