Washer is Down

Well, Lucas went back to his place a bit more relaxed and with a full tummy.

He had to be at the prep cook job at 7am Wednesday, just 2 days after Christmas.
His cat Scratchy was so happy to get into the car.
Our own cats are much less worried about their territory.
I wish they would all just get along.  This time was easier than last, so maybe they will become buddies with future visits.

This evening, we parents, along with son Chris and his girlfriend, went out for oolong tea, won ton soup and egg rolls. The food is very good and plentiful, and I did already mention the wonderful hot tea with a bottomless pot.
The music was a warbling singer and very loud from the speakers. I finally asked the host if it could be changed for the better and he more or less complied.

When we got home, I went down to move the laundry from washer to dryer. It had stopped in mid-cycle, leaving the clothes dripping wet in sudsy water. I tried turning the knob, turning it off at the outlet….No Response. I looked up the papers, found the warranty date and 1-800 number, then called.
The voice-mail system didn’t take long, thank my lucky stars.

The operator told me to unplug the machine, wait a minute, then re-start. I went away from the phone, did the instructions. Nothing. I went back to the phone and went through all the buttons and questions again, then got a guy operator.
A Repairman cannot come until Tuesday January 2.

Tomorrow, I will be hauling 5 loads of dry, dirty laundry in baskets (plus one very wet and dripping load in a tub) off to the laundry house. On the way, I’ll have to stop at the bank to get rolls of coins.
On the plus side of this, all the clothes will be clean in just a couple hours, rather than me going up and down to move them along between machines and clothesline all day long.

I borrowed another book from the library, so I’ll read awhile.
Hopefully all will be done before the Yarn Group meeting where I can relax.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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5 Responses to Washer is Down

  1. Tee says:

    That picture is ADORABLE!!! I do believe that cat is hugging him back! LOL! I love it.

    Sorry about your washer! 😛 This happend to me a few weeks ago and I was sooooo upset b/c the washer is only a couple months old and I don’t have many clothes. They were all sitting in the washer soaking wet.

    Here’s one thing to try, that (Thank God), worked in my case. Take out at least half the laundry and close the lid… Mine finished then. I guess it was too heavy (over loaded).

    I didn’t feel like I put more clothes than usual but I guess since their winter clothes (heavier fabrics, etc), it just weighed too much.

    Good luck!

  2. MrsDoF says:

    No, there ain’t nothing happening.
    When I pull the Start knob, _all_ the lights come on, not just the one saying what stage the cycle is working.
    No sounds of motor or water.

    The routine maintenance happened in July, when the machine was exactly 2 years old. All was well.
    The load I did on Sunday was fine and dandy.
    I don’t think this is overloaded, either. In fact it’s rather easy, shirts and socks.

    Ah well, the warranty is good. It’s the Time thing. I didn’t do laundry over the holiday, so it piled up.

    I shouldn’t complain. Not like I’m carrying water home from the the town pump and using a scrubbing stone.

  3. June says:

    Cute picture of your son and that kitty! 🙂

    Cute Kitty AND cute boy!

    I know you enjoyed having your boys home!

    …so sorry about your washer stopping like that! I’ve had that happen so I know how you feel!


  4. momma says:

    Always when you let it pile up a little. The machine says, ” Ah Diane needs a little extra exercise to counteract the holiday goodies so I think I’ll quit”. And unlike humans and animals this mechanical invention does what it says! Hope everything gets working again soon and look on the bright side –At least it’s a machine and not a loved one!!!

  5. Sharkey says:

    Ugh! What a pain to have a wet load of clothes to have to haul around town. I always hated the inconvenience of the laundromat, but did love the fact that all loads could be done simultaneously. And as you’ve already pointed out, it’s a couple hours of guilt-free reading because you don’t sit there thinking about all the other things you should be doing like you would if you were at home.

    Happy New Year!