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Umm, It’s Friday, Right?

My last post seems to have caused a few grins!  Wish I could muster up such enthusiasm more often. I began this month with good intentions for NaBloPoMo National Blog Posting Month, except I chickened out of actually submitting my … Continue reading

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Nose to Nose

Nose to Nose Shortly after I woke up Sunday morning, I had a slight nosebleed.  This seems to be a side effect of having a central air, gas burning furnace. By the end of a steamy shower, all seemed well … Continue reading

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Shopping not fun at all

Monday afternoon, a call came to me saying that the position I had interviewed for at the school cafeteria went to someone else.  She said she will keep my app as a Substitute.  If I want to do that, there … Continue reading

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Part of the being busy

The wonderful smell of brownies baking is wafting through the house. Though easily done from a mix, I couldn’t tell ya the last time the oven brought forth such goodness. Sadly, they will be going over to the church for … Continue reading

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Not much time for here

I just finished writing, by longhand, several lists to cover the next two days. There is to be a Worship Festival at church, and someone asked me to do the kitchen stuff. This includes ordering the Sub Platters from the … Continue reading

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What I’m Working On

the last 3 bookmarks for awhile clearance bin at Hobby Lobby provided a bountiful stash Sinfonia yarn 100% cotton sport weight six of the lighter red called Granate three of the darker called Burdeos this is almost my favorite yarn … Continue reading

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More than Yarn made it funny

The other day I was at the public library looking for something else, when I came upon a book by William Taylor. Knitwits c1992 Being a part of the needlework group the last couple months has made me very aware … Continue reading

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Away he went

My mister went away for job training in Chicago for awhile. This morning he kissed me good-bye in the parking lot and went into his office like it was any other day.  He said I didn’t have to wait to … Continue reading

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First Tuesday of November

Today is Election Day in the United States of America Get Going, People!

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A pleasant time for walking around the block

The sky is overcast, the temperature in the high 40s Fahrenheit. somebody did alot of raking yesterday not all the leaves have fallen yet the street where I live ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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