Begun by someone else, then finished by me

A few weeks ago, someone donated a bunch of yarn and partially completed projects to the Senior Center.  In one of the bigger bags was crocheted pastel squares of three colors, done in sport weight, acrylic yarn.  Some were sewn together, beside the rest of each color in its own gallon size plastic zipper bag.

The group leader thought I should be able to make something nice out of it.  I told her I would do my best, but I wasn’t going to try to make more squares to the correct gauge, nor follow the layout scheme very closely.
Whoever worked the squares is right-handed and does not weave in the ends while working.

This is what I started with

I arranged, then re-arranged, then moved the squares again.  I don’t like the tedious task of sewing squares together, so I also tried to set them so I could crochet rows with a slip stitch.  It goes much quicker, allows the ends to be covered as I work, plus gives a bit more bulk and warmth for the afghan.
I finally got them into a suitable arrangement, then tied them together with bright red thread to make sure they stayed the way I wanted them.

I worked the scalloped edge border last Tuesday evening.  I figured I could weave in the ends and get it done while watching the Thanksgiving Parade on the holiday morning.

Although I did get some of the ends hidden and clipped before noon and time to fix the turkey, I finally finished with the yarn today while listening to my newly arrived Lou Rawls album.

I carried it outside to show Husband. He was busy applying wax to his VW Beetle.

The afternoon light was really pretty, so I decided to cross the driveway and toss the afghan onto my basic gray car and get the picture.
The thing has to go through the laundry anyway to make sure the knots hold.  I’m not going to promise on that—I have never seen a granny square tied off quite this way before, and I didn’t check each and every of the 14 x 14 = 196 squares.

It will be in the craft sale at the center on Thur 30 November
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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8 Responses to Begun by someone else, then finished by me

  1. Evelyn says:


  2. Rachel says:

    That really looks nice. You did a good job of taking someone’s incompleted project and doing a good job to salvage it.
    I sure couldn’t have done that.

  3. Aunt Deanie says:

    You did a great job on the afghan, very colorful.

  4. AMY says:

    It is really lovely. I’m working hard to finish some of my projects before school starts. I can’t imagine finishing someone else’s project.
    I did spend hours mending my niece’s baby afghan she got from Mom and has slept with for 33 years and hauled around the world, but that had great sentimental attachment.

  5. It’s GORGEOUS! From your ‘before’ to the ‘after’ is a world of change…it looks lovely!Love the dark blue/purple? accent color on the edging-it really sets it off! Pat yourself on the back (if that’s allowed hehehe)

  6. MrsDoF says:

    Thanks for such kind words. The ending makes all the work feel worthwhile.

    The one darker solid row of single crochet is done in lavender, from a small ball of sport weight acrylic I found in the storeroom at the center.
    There is a bit of light purple in the mixed colors yarn, second row out from the middle, so Yes, it is a nice accent.
    Leftover is a whole pale yellow, and half skein of white. I’ll just put it in the storeroom for someone else to get ideas.

  7. momma says:

    You did it again super lady. A work that anyone would be happy to have.

  8. Torie says:

    Beautiful. I love the lavender accent. Wish I could do stuff like that. I’m still working on the same two scarfs I’ve been trying to knit forever.