Errands Aplenty

this card is from the Pondering Pool

The knock on the head really did addle my brain.  I had several errands to do, and I didn’t plan my route very well.  The same intersection 3 different times from various points of the compass.
And in one parking lot, I was standing by a cart corral, looking all over for our dark red Chevy Astro van.
Trouble with thoughts going thataway, our van died over a year ago.  We had to clear out the debris and pay the towing fee.  It took me a couple minutes to remember doing the activity.  Then I had to really tug on a memory for what color is the car I’m driving now.  A little silver 4 door.  I found it 3 lanes over, parked next to the newly planted little tree I used to mark the spot.

I had a couple boxes to drop off at the thrift store.  But I was passing a grocery store, and remembered I need old-fashioned oats.  There was beef and chicken on Clearance because today is the expiration date.  $30 gone because of a box of oats.  The fridge is full, and oven heating up.

The box still needed to be dropped off, so I did.  Then I went over to the main entrance and proceeded to look things over.  As I was in line to pay a quarter for a small bowl, I remembered foodstuffs waiting in the trunk of the car on a sunny day.

Carrying everything inside, I got a look at the clock on the kitchen wall.  Why I hadn’t checked the clock on the dashboard of the car, I can’t say.  It was 8 hours since breakfast.  Yet I hadn’t felt hungry until that very minute when I noticed the time.

I microwaved some leftover soup, then decided supper can be chicken.

My gracious goodness, what a day.  It reminds me of message getting around about having ADD—Aging Deficit Disorder.  Being very busy, but getting nothing done.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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2 Responses to Errands Aplenty

  1. MrsDoF says:

    Dear Ones,
    Thank You for you sympathy and concern.
    Such sweet letters from everybody. Now I know about the Get Well Soon! cards and their popularity.

    Rachel: A concussion? No, probably not. Just a tired head and body.
    Plus my thyroid medicine is changed in the dose, so it will take a week or so to get adjusted to that.

    Evelyn: I’ve walked down that hallway hundreds of times (I was the janitor ya know), but having the door propped open was most unusual. Thanks for noticing that my efforts were worthwhile.

    Cindy: I did not pass out

    Sis: Feeling better with every incoming message!

    Mary: Those are true words of sympathy! My good luck flows since sunset.

    Marge: I LURVED the two brooms story!

    Aldine and Janet: See all previous notes!

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  2. george.w says:

    Lucky thing your silver 4-door has a small dent on one fender. With the shape of cars being determined by aerodynamics and about every other car being a silver 4-door, it’s hard to tell them apart.

    Of course I do not have that problem with my car.