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Memory of Walnuts

Okay, a 20 minute walk straight pace, then around again to take pictures.  I’m waiting for the camera to warm up before I mess with the chip, etc. ‘Tis a lovely, sunny Autumn day, the description can be found in … Continue reading

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Walking down Normal Avenue

Had a reason to walk downtown to the post office. Not really thinking anything, an old poem kept running in my head. In Autumn They’re coming down in showers, The leaves all gold and red; They’re covering the little flowers, … Continue reading

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Nothing else to do but take a nap

It seems to me that no matter what goes on for Sunday mornings, the afternoon is a good time for a nap.  This morning was a bit more stressful than usual, so sleeping it off for an hour or so … Continue reading

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Another Batch into the freezer

Another two bags of apples made into sauce. Gotta do some figuring here: umm a quart has 4 cups and there are 4 quarts in a gallon so that makes 16 cups total in a gallon and then 6 into … Continue reading

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Would you say this is Worth Waiting For?

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t written a new post for a week. Well, I guess I should say that real life got in the way. Plus, Husband is on vacation. We had to have 3 … Continue reading

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