Banned Book means Good Reading

This is Banned Books Week and the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the ISU campus was the host for oral readings from Banned and/or Challenged Books.
My Husband signed on as a Reader. 
He was asked to read for 10 minutes an excerpt from the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

He done good, Real Good.  His naturally deep voice, trained as a Southern preacher, he breathes at the proper intervals, and he pronounces the words correctly.

A Language Arts class from the university high school had this time for a field trip, and several teenage boys were sitting in the row in front of me.  I thought it to be a fine thing for them, seeing and hearing a man who has such skill with reading aloud.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only female in the audience who was impressed by the performance.  The English teacher came over and says he has a future in reading Books-on-Tape or somesuch.  And she said that he brought the characters to life, a feat not done easily with that particular book.
Another woman got flustered like a schoolgirl while speaking her praises.  I thought she was kinda sweet, she was trying to be nice without sounding like she was coming on to him.

We went to lunch afterwards, an unexpected pleasure.
We’re Married, ya know.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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8 Responses to Banned Book means Good Reading

  1. momma says:

    Don’t he make you proud?

  2. Shimfee says:

    Cool~~ All banned books should be read out loud regularly. How ridiculous and ignorant to ban books.

  3. Uzz says:

    I love Bradbury! I get on these little kicks where I will read one author voraciously after reading one of their books. Within a several month period, I read Fahrenheit 451, The Illustrated Man, I Sing the Body Electric!, The Golden Apples of the Sun and The Martian Chronicles.

    I would love to read out loud in front of people, but the things I would like to read would move me too much. One thing that people learn about me once they know me is that I am extremely passionate and quite sensitive. I find beauty in things people may not get, but it overwhelms me and I will even get choked up over things like old bricks. Now I mask it pretty well and I don’t advertise it, but when I read out loud I can be overcome by the turn of phrase or descriptive passages…I literally feel God in words and every thing around me and it fills me with joy…that is hard to keep silent:-)

    Glad you’ll had a great time!

  4. MrsDoF says:

    Aaww, Uzz, now you got ME all choked up!
    Descriptive words can get my emotions going as well. Especially if a child is the one trying to get the idea across, or is reading aloud and mispronounces what is on the page.
    I remember one time when I was a Volunteer Mom at the elementary school and the boy sounded out the word Egyptian as ee-gip-ty-en.
    I had to bite my lip to either keep from laughing or crying, and explain how a G can have a J sound for some words.
    People need more experience reading out loud in front of an audience. That’s why I love Open Mike nights at the coffee house. Practice makes perfect.

  5. george.w says:

    Uzz, I know exactly what you are talking about because that is a problem for me too. Sometimes I have to practice a thing many times to get control when I read it, but then I can read it with a lot of expression and really reach the audience. Someone less emotionally involved in the words might not reach as well.

    Singing is even worse. There is no way I can even finish singing “Let it be” in private, let alone for an audience.

  6. Maria says:

    You have every reason to be proud of this wonderful husband of yours. Taking a stand and reading books that for some reason some people want banned is what “Freedom is all about.”

    My hat is off to him!

  7. Mrs SEB says:

    I wish I had heard him read aloud. I don’t suppose he would consider adding a element to his blog that allows a visitor to listen to him read a chapter aloud every week from a favorite book of his? 🙂

  8. William says:

    The end of this post made me chuckle.