the I-470 Bridge

We went walking across the Suspension Bridge at Wheeling, WV on Sunday evening May 28, 2006.

Chris took this picture of the I-470 bridge which spans the Ohio River, and is downstream from the historic bridge.

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4 Responses to the I-470 Bridge

  1. Rachel says:

    It is nice to see a picture of the bridge we always drive over when we go to see our niece’s family.
    Looks a lot nicer to see that view than from driving over it.

  2. goldenlucy says:

    That bridge is familiar. I spent 60 years in Cinci and miss those countryside drives. Again, thanks for the great link today—and let me wish you a belated Happy BDay.
    BTW, I love the smileys!

  3. Torie says:

    Great photo. That view is quite nice.

  4. Uzz says:

    Excellent photo!!! I love spanning shots!