Treasure Bag

The Spring weather means that the guys are pedaling their bicycles to their job and class over on the campus, meaning I didn’t have to do chauffeur service today.
A mixed blessing.

It is nearly noon, yet I am still in my robe.
There was a mini crochet project I wanted to get done for a little girl’s April birthday.

This is a treasure bag.

Finished size is 3 inches across the bottom and 4 inches high.  The whole thing is crocheted of size 10 bedspread cotton.

When comes the time for gift-giving, I put a few small trinkets inside, then put the whole thing inside a gift box.

It is wonderful to see how children love to put stuff in and out of a drawstring bag.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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3 Responses to Treasure Bag

  1. caroline says:

    it looks very cute for a little girl.

    The bag looks bigger than what you say in the picture.

  2. MrsDoF says:

    Yes, the size is why I wrote in the dimensions and put it on the magazine. One of the drawbacks to my little point-and-shoot Minolta is that the lens tends to distort a rounded object.
    It only takes an hour and a half to crochet one of these bags, so it is not very big at all.

  3. The treasure bag is very cute.

    Happy Easter!