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Striped Comfort Shawl

I first learned about the Prayer Shawl Ministry through the website of Mennonite Women USA.  In early December, I read that Mennonite Women needed Prayer Shawls for a conference. This could become my next project, as soon as Christmas items … Continue reading

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Five Weird Things About Me

Five Weird Things About Me Over at Decrepit old Fool and also What Was I Thinking? there is a meme going so I thought it might give me something else to write about here. My preference is to believe these … Continue reading

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Letter Going Out

The newsletter is going to the post office Friday! There are 90 envelopes here Stuffed, stickered, stamped, and ready to go. ~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Shadow Symptoms

This is the morning after a hot and restless night.  The furnace seemed to be running full time, even though when I checked the thermostat, I saw that it had been moved down to the agreed upon temperature.  These hot … Continue reading

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Let’s call it an Update

Today is my mother’s birthday. I would go looking for a picture to put up here, but she doesn’t do anything with a computer except play a couple games.  Her pretty card with signature will arrive late, seeing that it … Continue reading

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Animal Personality Test

What Is Your Animal Personality? brought to you by Quizilla The hardworking part hasn’t happened nearly as much as I wanted to be during Winter Break. Only 3 things on the list got done.  Sigh I am a bit concerned … Continue reading

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Against the Wind

The other day I made a nice pot of chili with ground beef and beans and plenty of peppers and onions and cumin and sauce. Over the last few days, it seems I have been eating the most of it, … Continue reading

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Nubbins brings a memory

Although it goes barely noticed, I have been trying to straighten things up around the house while I am on Winter Break.  I even took two boxes to the thrift store, and that sure felt nice. One of the books … Continue reading

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Storm Coming

Mahalia is a bit concerned at hearing the thunder. There’s a storm coming. this picture was taken at 9 o’clock in the morning. Gotta love living on the prairie.

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