A bit about the Yarn-In

The Michael’s Craft store was having a Yarn-In this afternoon.  There were classes, there were prizes, there were contests.
I managed to crochet together a nine patch lap robe, made from squares done by others.  Now that is a challenge, trying to get the corners to line up.

The knitting contest began at 2 pm, with only two participants who signed up.  The idea is to go against the clock and see how many stitches are done in the allotted time.  The winner got 74 stitches done, the other gal got 63.  Both looked fast to me.

The crochet contest had five of us.  Everyone who watches me with hook and yarn say I am fast, but alas, I came in Second.  The winner got 44 done, while I had 42.  The rules of the Michael’s company specify the type of yarn and which brand of hook.  I don’t like the yarn, and haven’t used that style of hook ever since I got my wooden crochet hook.  We did pretty well, considering that crochet is not usually a contest, but rather a way to stay busy while relaxed.

There were many young children there to make bead necklaces.  The teacher for that table is a student at the community college, who told me she was quite pleased to see my familiar face.  The little ones are so proud of their work.  And it was fun to watch parents try to be coaches, yet the teacher said to let the youngsters work on their own.

One girl about age 10, was quite fascinated by me using my left hand to crochet.  She said it looks “funny”.  When I showed her the neat row of stitches, she was more forgiving.  I showed her an easier way to hold her yarn to keep the tension more even.  She managed to get 21 stitches done in the timed contest, but she was the only one who had signed up in her age group, so she got a small prize anyway.

I left before the end of the whole show.  I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, and it was already 3 pm.  Besides, I couldn’t remember if Husband needed my car.  Turns out, he does, so all is well.

Hope your Sunday is a fine one.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to A bit about the Yarn-In

  1. caroline says:

    Sounds like fun. Maybe one day i will be in a crochet contest. 🙂 Hope your feeling better 😉

  2. momma says:

    What a fun afternoon! Just found out we have something in common–we are left-handed. It makes it difficult trying to teach my right-handed Granddaugter to knit. That was the other part of the Saturday afternoon visit. It sounds like you are on the mend!

  3. Uzz says:

    I would probably stab myself if I ever tried! Army of Mom is pretty good at making quilts, but not I! Sounds like a great Sunday! I spent mine hanging out with the boy and watching DVDs…it was great!

  4. Dawn says:

    It seems you’re feeling better, thats very good.
    I’ve never heard of a yarn-in, sounds like a neat day.

    My youngest likes to try and crochet, maybe I ought to ask my sister to teach him. Nothing wrong with a male making things, who knows? Hes quite creative.