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I have decided that winter is too long, cold weather should not last until April.

Today’s outdoors is foggy with a light drizzle and 38o.
This is the last Wednesday in December, and I used up quite a bit of it traipsing all over town trying to find a suitable calendar for the front entryway.

In years past, I simply went out to my favorite bookstore, Provident Books, and got a lovely one just the right size, usually with artistic pictures of children on the top and the phases of the moon and holidays written in the date squares.
Alas, our Provident store closed in January and their online website says that the calendar I might have chosen is sold out.

I drove to a different bookstore but was not satisfied with the selection.  It doesn’t help matters that I expect a calendar to be half-or-less-price, seeing this is the last week of this year.

One of the most important reasons I was out and about was to donate blood for the Red Cross drive going on, which was being sponsored by a certain radio station.  My donation date had been Dec 10, and the reminder cards have been coming every third day ever since.

There were Volunteers all over the place, and the nurses had just made their arrangements for their breaks.  I got in quite promptly, read the booklet,  my iron count was 39, answered the million questions, and no waiting to get the needle stick.

At the canteen, I learned that the ‘prizes’ for donating today were a sticker, a coupon for a free pizza, a t-shirt with a cool Red Cross logo on it, and of all things, a Wall Calendar!!!
It IS the correct size, but the phases of the moon are not noted.

Just the same, it is a very nice calendar, and I shall make do with it, at least until I happen upon a pile of calendars for a dollar each at the beginning of February.

It’s time for supper.  A ham sandwich and a salad would taste good, with lots of fluids alongside.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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4 Responses to Current Gift Items

  1. caroline says:

    I purchased my 2006 calendar yesterday at the dollar store. I needed one to put down all of our important doctors appt. and half days from school and early dismissals.

    Wish i could donate blood, but i have to many things wrong with me and too many medications that i am on to be able to. 🙁

  2. MrsDoF says:

    I’d give the glib advice that if you cannot donate, then you should volunteer at the next local blood drive, but I know that with your job and family, there just wouldn’t be time and energy for that!
    Husband can’t donate for many of the reasons you mentioned as well.
    We each just do what we can with what we are given, and hope that someone else fills in any gaps.

  3. Dawn says:

    I love after Christmas shopping! Its the best time to get Calendars- especially the 2 year ones where the previous year is almost at end. And wrapping paper, and decorations, and dont forget the $15.00 boxes of Christmas cards for 2 bucks!
    I never buy any of my Christmas stuff before, I get it, put it in a plastic storable tote, and its all ready for the next year.

    I’ve donated blood once, but tried several times. My iron is always too low.

    Spring should start in January.

  4. Sharkey says:

    I bet you can find the phases of the moon on the internet somewhere, and mark them in on your otherwise-perfect new calendar.

    Sounds like you had the same weather we did today. I don’t mind the rain–especially since it means the temp is above freezing. Thankfully, we’ve turned the corner and the days are getting longer. Woohoo!